Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation

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May Favourites 2015

Matte skin is out, dewy skin is in…and I like it, a lot. I had my eye on the Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation for the longest time but I resisted temptation. Mainly because I was quite happy with my Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation and to be honest no body really needs 5 bottles of foundation… Read more »

Avene and Origins

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origins drink up mask

Whilst most people are excited about summer, rooftop bars and wearing summer-esque clothes, I’ll be battling the curse of hay fever and the after effects that comes along with it. Not only do I get itchy, watery swollen eyes, snotty nose (sorry for the tmi) and a throat which feels like its on fire but… Read more »

Thoughts #3 Social Anxiety

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I definitely think that in the last couple of years anxiety went from one extreme to the other in the social-media world. From not really acknowledging it at all to anxiety being something cool and what individuals should strive for because people that they look up to may suffer from it. Anyone with a real… Read more »

Double Cleanse

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oskia cleansing gel

  If anything is bae, its skincare. I literally get excited every evening to give my skin a double cleanse. Even if I’m not wearing makeup I always make the effort to give my skin a good clean. Working in the skincare field as a consultant in my late teens and early 20′s I really… Read more »

Charlotte Tilbury | Filmstar Bronze & Glow

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bronzeglow charlotte tilbury

A couple days ago whilst getting ready I went onto YouTube and switched my usual Lisa Eldridge video choice to Charlotte Tilbury, in specific the Amal Clooney wedding day makeup look and the Filmstar Bronze and Glow made an appearance – it looked so beautiful on the model, at this point I remembered I actually… Read more »

Thoughts #2 Social Pressure – MARRIAGE & BABIES

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Okay round two of this whole thoughts entry, now the title is pretty intense and this could be a huge topic of its own. However today I want to talk about marriage and at what age society ‘expects’ you to get married and have children. The idea for this topic came from when I met… Read more »

MakeUp Revolution | Golden Lights

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 I have been itching to do a review on the Makeup Revolution Golden Lights Baked Highlighter ever since I laid my hands on it in Lisbon, I mean just look at the embossing, it is stunning. Makeup Revolution is a brand which is made in London and offers very similar ‘dupes’ to higher end products. If… Read more »

MAC | Nude liners

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Remember that time I said I really don’t like lip-liners? watch here. Well almost a year down the line and I own over 26 – twenty six. What the…? I thought I would pick out some of my favourites and no surprise they’re all nude shades, you know my lips but better. They’re also all MAC… Read more »

Essie | Peach & Glitter

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  No matter what season or time of year it is, I never get bored of glittery nails. Essie Summit of Style has been a constant favourite of mine these last few months. The glitter has almost a rose gold tint and the particles come in varied sizes which looks really pretty when layered on…. Read more »

Grey is the new Black

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Surely I can’t be the only one who struggles to wear a smokey eye, especially when it’s heavily black eyeshadow/liner based. I assume its something to do with having super small eyes and being partially intimidated by a black eyeshadow resulted in me looking for alternatives. I’ve previously been addicted to MAC Teddy eyeliner which… Read more »