August Wishlist

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  Its been four months since the last one and I forgot how satisfying and incredibly time consuming wish list posts are, also quite dangerous when they’re so close to pay day. I’m a click away from buying everything on my list. It also has just occured to me that all these item would make… Read more »

Summer Basic | Nude MakeUp

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nude makeup

Winter is all about the berrys, Spring is all about the Corals, then we have Summer a season where I tend to tone down all the makeup, mainly because my skin has the best days and I tend to focus on great skin. Neutral beige and pink tones have recently become my best friends. So… Read more »


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If I could I would spend all my time and money travelling the world! Alas responsibilities have me somewhat tied down for most parts of the year, however after writing my last post about flying out on a budget – it’s inspired me to create a bucket list of places I want to go and also keep… Read more »

Flying on a budget

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One of the few perks of my job is having almost 12 weeks off through-out the year and I try and cram in as much travelling within that space as possible. Buying experiences is much more fulfilling and rewarding than owning a bunch of materialistic goods and travelling also does so much good for the… Read more »

MakeUp Forever Pro Bronze Fusion| 30M

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Makeup forever bronzer

I hate not working in Oxford Street – I pretty much spent 7 years working in various beauty departments and one of the many perks was getting my hands on the newest make-up/beauty items on the market. Now I have to wait till I get a chance to get the train to travel all the… Read more »

Summer Haircare

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summer haircare

  I am not going to complain about the weather -  I am absolutely loving the sun, heat, ice-creams, sleeping without a duvet and yes even the humidity, love every aspect of it! Unfortunately my hair does not share the same appreciation for the heat and re-inacts that all famous scene from Friends where Monica… Read more »

MAC Newbies

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Mac nightingale lipliner colour

I’ve always found visiting MAC slightly over-whelming – especially during a new release (which seems to be every other day) However, when you go to a shopping centre at 3pm in the middle of almost no where, (talking about Lakeside) where there are only a handful of people then you’re almost tempted to pop into MAC… Read more »

Clinique pop Lip colour and primer

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    Well, I didn’t think I’d be writing about these little beauties. They seem to be everywhere on the blogosphere and you could probably find another post somewhere with better swatches but I thought I’d put in my own two-pence in anyway. Clinique pop Lip colour and primer (mouthful!) come in the cutest little… Read more »

An alternative to a makeup brush

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Beauty blender

  I love make-up brushes, just putting that out there. I love collecting them, love using them and I actually enjoy washing them too. So there was never really a need for me to venture out onto another product. However the beauty blender was getting a lot of hype in the beauty blogging world and… Read more »

Nair Argan Oil Wax Strips

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Nair Agran Strips

Hair removal isn’t something that I’ve spoken about before on my blog, however it’s something that I have experimented with quite a lot when growing up. I began to remove hair off of my body before I acquainted myself with makeup. From waxes to shaving right down to epilating, I’ve been there and done it all and I think now… Read more »