OOTD – New Year 2016

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First day to work outfit

  Well its been a while – she says again – I pretty much disappeared off of social media for a while due to personal reasons, some which I probably am going to share in a video at some point. I should also start off by saying a very merry new year to you all, lets raise a glass to the hope… Read more »

October ASOS Wishlist

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skirt asos

Some serious ASOS browsing went down this weekend, I was massively procrastinating and decided to make a wish list for my birthday next month. At this moment in time I want lots of trainers and knitwear – oh how times have changed from five years ago. Oversized knitwear – I want it all. The suede A-line… Read more »

Stila Soul Eyeshadow Palette

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stila soul eyeshadows

  Stila Soul eyeshadow palette…The one eye-shadow palette that everyone needs – I tried so hard to not want this, I did that whole ‘if I’m still thinking about it weeks later then I need it’. I’ve only ever used a couple of Stila products namely the Foil eye-shadows but there’s nothing else in the range that was… Read more »

Is Summer Over…?

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portable bbq

Summer to me means bbqs and a lot of them… heading into autumn can mean that we start to pack our BBQS away whereas I’ve gone out and got a new one. Slightly unseasonal but just because summer is over it doesn’t mean that BBQs have to come to an end. Infact, I say lets… Read more »

Essie – Spin the bottle

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spin the bottle essie nail

  It’s official, 50% of my nail polish collection consist of pale pinkish, beige nail colours and I’m not even sorry about it. My new favourite colour is Essie Spin the bottle. I picked this up from the airport and I tried getting a back up a couple days ago from my local Boots and… Read more »

Too Faced Highlight & Bronzer

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too face highlight

I am so glad that Debenhams has started stocking brands like The Balm and Too Faced. All the products that I really wanted from The Balm like the Mary-Lou Manizer and the Matte lipsticks were out of stock however Too Faced didn’t disappoint with their selection of products. I picked up the Candlelight glow which… Read more »

L’Occitane Lavender Foaming Bath Gel

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Loccitane Lavender

Getting back into the swing of work is a tiring job! The past week has been challenging to say the least for several reason. When a teacher comes back work after a 6 week break, it can feel absolutely surreal – going from this full on 24/7 job to then trying to switch off and… Read more »

Little Black Liner

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little black liner

Oh this one is definitely for you eyeliner lovers out there – Estee Lauder have introduced a new product called the Little Black Liner and the impact is anything but little. I am in love with this – just going to put that out there. I brought it a couple days before flying out to… Read more »

Tans | the aftercare

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skincare after tan

I’ve always been a avid believer of SPF I use it on a daily basis and always turn it up a few notches whenever on holiday. However this year was slightly different, I thought I’d ditch the SPF *gasps* and see what happens when I do the opposite, oil up my skin and go out… Read more »

Santorini & Island Hopping

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santorini alleyway

I’ve always been a little traveller at heart. I love going to new places and seeing new things and I really love the sun! I’ve also always wanted to backpack across different cities/countries but without the actual backpack itself. I can’t see myself carrying a massive rucksack – I’d much rather take a smaller suitcase…. Read more »