Topshop Bright Floral Culottes

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zara platform lace shoes

  Jumpsuits, Dungarees, Overalls, Pinafores – gimme all the one pieces! I tried oh so hard last year to implement a minimalist wardrobe but it just wasn’t me. This year I’ve said the more colour the better and this is no exception. A Topshop Bright Floral Culotte jumpsuit – very much summer appropriate but paired… Read more »

Dressing like a 8year old

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topshop white cotton shirt

  My mum absolutely hates this outfit! Fact. She moans how it’s an outfit that should be worn by a 8year old, not a 28 year old and she may be right however I adore how youthful yet cool this outfit looks. (Am I uncool for saying cool?) It’s very casual and if I switch… Read more »

Camel Scarf and Leopard Print Skirt

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Outfit Leaopard skirt

  Wearing all camel neutral shades this weekend. Perhaps a little too matchey matchey…but I am obsessed with colour! Also, how does someone with slightly larger breasts wear a polo neck without looking like they’ve got saggy busts?  When I was younger I desperately wanted larger boobs but I was a late bloomer and before I… Read more »

Nails and emotions – Spring edition

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Essie Sole Mate nail polish

    Over a month now and I haven’t worn anything on my nails – this coming from the girl who was addicted to fake nails and always ensured that her nails were manicured. I think that when a woman has lovely nails it sort of represents a well-groomed and maintained lifestyle. Well, that all… Read more »

MAC brown lip liners

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mac pro lip liners whirl

  What, wait? A makeup post…well it has been a while. I feel like I just totally lost my mojo. And truth be told I got really bored of writing the ‘same but different’ type of beauty posts again and again. Sometimes it also felt like I was buying things just for the sake of… Read more »

Wardrobe essential #1

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nike air force 1 suede burgundy

    The most expensive clothing piece in my wardrobe is probably a leather jacket, I own a couple but my favourite one is this from Muubaa, not a brand that I hear much about and to be honest I can’t even remember how I stumbled across their website but I recall lusting over so… Read more »

unconventional workwear

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floral green jumpsuit

  Excuse the hair – not my finest look and the obsessively hair touching photo’s I am still trying to figure out this posing business. Also taking photos in public is very nerve racking. Will I ever get used to it? 80% of what I wear is printed. Fact. Mid-2015 I made somewhat of an attempt… Read more »

Conversation starter…

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rainbow fur jacket

Anyone that knows me in ‘real-life’ will know that I tend to shy away from crowds and prefer to be with small groups of people. However I seem to express myself through my clothes and the older I’ve gotten I seem do be doing this more and more. I’ve found myself wearing a lot of… Read more »

OOTD – New Year 2016

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First day to work outfit

  Well its been a while – she says again – I pretty much disappeared off of social media for a while due to personal reasons, some which I probably am going to share in a video at some point. I should also start off by saying a very merry new year to you all, lets raise a glass to the hope… Read more »

October ASOS Wishlist

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skirt asos

Some serious ASOS browsing went down this weekend, I was massively procrastinating and decided to make a wish list for my birthday next month. At this moment in time I want lots of trainers and knitwear – oh how times have changed from five years ago. Oversized knitwear – I want it all. The suede A-line… Read more »