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Exfoliating is something I do religiously, especially focusing on my legs & arms. During the winter season it becomes easy to ignore those parts of our body which are usually hidden in the colder months. My usual scrubbing techniques involve a salt/sugar scrubs or exfoliating gloves. However these days I’ve been using an all-in-one kinda product which cleanses and exfoliates and it’s been amazing. The L’occitane Almond Delicious soap is an almond soap (obv) and has tiny little almond particles weaved through the product. When using exfoliators, always make sure to avoid products which have polyethylene, particles. Polyethylene is a plastic, and as we all know that plastic does not dissolve – so it goes down the drain and into the sea, eventually into wildlife animals, would you like to swallow plastic when drinking water? Let’s help save all the sea living beings.

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This is where L’occitane Almond Delicious soap comes in. What makes this different to other soaps? It’s not drying for one, the soap doesn’t crack and it’s 100% natural – did I mention it smells divine? The almond particles really help to exfoliate your skin whilst feeling ultra-moisturised. This is my 2nd soap bar, I absolutely love it and it’s fast becoming a HG product. It’s incredibly reasonably priced at £4.00 for what I think is a high-end bathing product.

  • Laura

    Love l’occitane almond shower gel and haven’t tried this, I think I need to invest in this and get one…