A very warm welcome to the wonderful world of BeautyClassyfied.

I’m Furnaz. An awkward 31 year old Architect enthusiast (and graduate) currently working in Education as Senior Leadership who loves hoarding makeup and shares that passion through words. Who knew this could actually turn into something?

This blog intended to be a solely beauty based place but with time I’ve shared everything from my love of mascaras, passion for travel, all the way down to the woes of weight loss/gain.

I’ve been reading blogs for a very long time and I always wanted to create my own. Being able to share the love for beauty, fashion and general life shenanigans on such widely accessible platform is amazing. So after many many months of wondering whether or not I should join the world of blogging….here I am.

Enjoy endless make-up product photo’s (which are very rarely shown worn on me) and my attempts of occasional OOTD.

Yours truly…

B.C x



Oh…and that’s me. Hello!