nike air force 1 suede burgundy

Wardrobe essential #1

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burgandy and black outfit topshop leigh jeans blackasos white cashmere burgandy cashmere jumper

 Muubaa leather jacker

reiss box bag black nike air force 1 suede burgundy trainers


The most expensive clothing piece in my wardrobe is probably a leather jacket, I own a couple but my favourite one is this from Muubaa, not a brand that I hear much about and to be honest I can’t even remember how I stumbled across their website but I recall lusting over so many of the leather pieces and decided on this number. And would you believe me when I tell you that this is a size 6?! I am far from a size 6 now but once upon a time I was and I think in the last 5 years of my owning this jacket the material has aged beautifully and stretched to fit me perfectly. Good quality leather just wears out so well and I absolutely adore this jacket, its definitely an essential. I am eyeing a leather jacket in All Saints but it’ll have to wait until I find a good enough reason to justify it. Also, cashmere jumpers…a dangerous and expensive addiction, this dark wine jumper was purchased from ASOS White. I can’t even begin to explain how soft it is! Its not actually that expensive around £90 but the quality totally justifies it and I’ve seen 100% cashmere jumpers sell for far more. ASOS white just need to start stocking more colours. The Reiss Box bag is still going strong, it can’t actually fit very much in, possibly a phone, some cards and a lipstick/gloss nevertheless I am very happy that I have this bag in my life. Standard black Leigh jeans from Topshop, the colour is starting to fade so a replacement need to brought asap. A moment to talk about these trainers – the Nike Air Force 01 with the neutral sole, how amazing are these? I love the colour (although I did search high and low for the black ones and found none) so when Office had 20% off I took full advantage and got them! I’m excited to wear these with other outfits. Size down with these because I normally wear a 5 and ordered a 4.5 but totally could have gone with a size 4 but because I’m too lazy to return/exchange anything I’ll make these work for me. Lastly the tucked in hair trend, I didn’t get it for a while however now I’m totally on board – tempted to cut it quite short – I’ve never gone short so slightly anxious but I love the way it look – opinions? Go short or just carry on tucking it in?


Leather Jacket – Muubaa

Jumper – ASOS White

Nike Air Force 1 


floral green jumpsuit

unconventional workwear

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Topshop floral jumpsuit topshop green jumpsuit newlook musturd shirtTopshop floral green dungarees Topshop dungarees topshop green dungareestopshop work wear bronx shoes


Excuse the hair – not my finest look and the obsessively hair touching photo’s I am still trying to figure out this posing business. Also taking photos in public is very nerve racking. Will I ever get used to it?

80% of what I wear is printed. Fact. Mid-2015 I made somewhat of an attempt to create a monochrome ‘staple’ wardrobe and I failed miserably. I love prints and I love colour so I’m just going to embrace it from now on. I feel quite lucky to be in a job where I can try and push the boundaries a little with my work wear (within limits of course) so here’s me trying to put prints and blocks of colours together – funny enough I quite like it, hence me actually posting it here. I also am a little obsessed with dungarees, I think its the little kid in me – I find them ultra comfortable until I have to go toilet of course. These dungarees were brought from Topshop on sale – I had my eye on them when they were full price but the shopping angels were on my side and I resisted to see if they went on offer – luckily they were! The block coloured shirt from New Look compliments some of the small mustard tones in the dungarees and I adore this colour. Bronx shoes are still going strong, they’re comfortable and slightly edgy – I’ve worn them pretty much every day. I get that this outfit is a bit hit or miss, not everyone will love it but hey ho. How do you feel about dungarees? Just for kids or can adults rock them too?


Bronx Brogues – ASOS

Dungarees – Topshop

Shirt – New Look

Ring – Great Frog of London

Bag – Reiss



rainbow fur jacket

Conversation starter…

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topshop fur jacket multi coloured fur jacket rainbow fur jacketfur topshop rainbow jacket rainbow topshop jacketMulti coloured faux fur jacket topshop

Anyone that knows me in ‘real-life’ will know that I tend to shy away from crowds and prefer to be with small groups of people. However I seem to express myself through my clothes and the older I’ve gotten I seem do be doing this more and more. I’ve found myself wearing a lot of clothes/shoes that are conversation starters – a simple ‘oh wow, where’s that jacket from?’ gets people talking to me and is sort of helping my confidence I guess? My multi-coloured fur jacket is my new found obsession. I found it in the sale section in Topshop, I really couldn’t believe my luck – I saw a similar jacket in Karen Millan and I kid you not it looks like 98% the same thing – only difference was the price, Topshop £65 and Karen Millan £399. I almost cried with joy. The pop of colours really brighten up my mood and considering I barely see any day-light during the weekdays so this is exactly what I needed in my wardrobe to cheer me upI’ve been wearing this jacket every day since I’ve got it and I don’t think I’ve ever been stopped and spoken to as much as I have. I’ve paired my outfit with these metallic Bronx brogues (most comfortable shoes ever) and Topshop dungarees are my weekend ensemble. Have you ever worn a statement piece?

First day to work outfit

OOTD – New Year 2016

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topshop croc shoes celine dupes cream sophie hulme box bag asos mustard trousers

Well its been a while – she says again – I pretty much disappeared off of social media for a while due to personal reasons, some which I probably am going to share in a video at some point. I should also start off by saying a very merry new year to you all, lets raise a glass to the hope of 2016 bringing you lots of love, happiness and success. 

During my time off I had some time to think about where I wanted to take my blog, I feel like nearly everyone I follow on twitter was/is thinking about the same thing and I honestly love talking about beauty so therefore I want to keep that element but maybe try to incorporate more lifestyle and possibly fashion posts? Fashion posts in the past have consisted of wishlists and I want to try and branch out to some ootd – this also means raking in my sister to actually take photos for me. I have no idea how/if I’ll manage with a full-time job whilst also trying to make some YT videos (which have also been quite disappointing as of late) but we shall see.

My  first attempt of an ootd I have come to realise is that 1. I have the worst patience when it comes to taking photos. 2, its very difficult to find the ‘right’ location, lastly 3. I have stop every time someone walks past and I embarrassingly shy away. Props to those who do this all the time.

Now I understand that all three pictures are almost identical – I am terrible at the whole elimination  of pictures process, hope you don’t mind too much. Sophie Hulme bag is my current love, brought from  I wanted a YSL croc clutch or a Givenchy Antigona however they’re £1600 so this bag is a great substitute. The only thing I worry about is that it’s cream and I am prone to staining anything white/cream. Wish me luck! The trousers are a sale purchase from asos – love the colour, shape and they’re just so darn comfortable and the shoes are from Topsop (currently both are sold out – soz) Jumper is an oldie but goodie from

Hope you liked the first official ootd!