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October ASOS Wishlist

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Some serious ASOS browsing went down this weekend, I was massively procrastinating and decided to make a wish list for my birthday next month. At this moment in time I want lots of trainers and knitwear – oh how times have changed from five years ago. Oversized knitwear – I want it all. The suede A-line skirt has been on my mind since June but I resisted, however it’s now on sale half price – it’d be rude not too right? I’ve had a love/hate relationship with Culottes – at the moment I am really digging them and think the colour of these are gorgeous, very 70′s-esque.

Metallic shoes have been an obsession of mine recently, so these metallic toe-capped trainers are right up my street. Along with metallic New Balances, I am slowly becoming trainer obsessed and these may just have to add into my collection.

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Stila Soul Eyeshadow Palette

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Stila Soul eyeshadow palette…The one eye-shadow palette that everyone needs – I tried so hard to not want this, I did that whole ‘if I’m still thinking about it weeks later then I need it’. I’ve only ever used a couple of Stila products namely the Foil eye-shadows but there’s nothing else in the range that was absolutely calling my name however this palette was something else. There’s a total of 12 colours which consist of 5 mattes, 3 of which are quite neutral and 8 shimmers. The idea is that each line of colours will create an eye look which can translate from day to night – my favourites being… ‘thought’ ‘peace’ and ‘essence’ – how cute are the names?

I found that the shimmers have a slight better colour-payoff than the mattes but all shades are very blend able and easy to work with. I own the Lorac pro palette which is insanely pigmented but I feel like you need to actually ‘know’ what you’re doing when you’re applying eye shadows, whereas Stila Soul eyeshadows are slightly forgiving where there’s a little more ease of playfulness. Due to the range of colours, I don’t see myself getting bored of the colours anytime soon. I love that there are a couple mauvey colours along with gold/browns. It’s an added bonus that all colours in the palette compliment brown eyes really well.

The packaging is gorgeous, I feel it’s very Charlotte Tilbury-esque  with the rose gold and the embossing. Quality of shadows is great, packaging is fantastic. Stila soul eyeshadow palette is definitely my staple eyeshadow for the next few months – have you tried anything from Stila yet?

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Is Summer Over…?

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Summer to me means bbqs and a lot of them… heading into autumn can mean that we start to pack our BBQS away whereas I’ve gone out and got a new one. Slightly unseasonal but just because summer is over it doesn’t mean that BBQs have to come to an end. Infact, I say lets BBQ right until the winter seasons. Initially I used to hate the idea of moving into a flat – I’m so used to having my own garden with a built-in bbq, so moving away into my own humble abode was kind of a pretty big deal to me.

However once I moved into a flat I was lucky enough to have a balcony which gave me a little more outdoor space. I’ve brought this portable Landmann BBQ set – which I was super excited about – it’s perfect enough to cook for 3-4 people, its nice and compact so I can store it away. And I tend to use charcoal bags which you just light up with a couple of matches and they get a good amount of fire going. I loved grilled meat – its healthier, tastier and so much fun to cook and it’s also nice and easy to grill up some vegetable skewers too. 

The bbq grill itself is super easy to clean and perfect if you’re travelling away somewhere and want to take it with you, or if youre like me and live in a flat and still want to cook a yummy grilled dinner/lunch. Whilst the sun is out my BBQ grill is here to stay.

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The Landmann bbq grill is available here