Clinique pop Lip colour and primer

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Well, I didn’t think I’d be writing about these little beauties. They seem to be everywhere on the blogosphere and you could probably find another post somewhere with better swatches but I thought I’d put in my own two-pence in anyway.

Clinique pop Lip colour and primer (mouthful!) come in the cutest little packaging…I’ve never really been drawn to Clinique skincare/makeup. Once I saw a Clinique consultant use a toner to clean makeup counter and it put me off for a really long time. Then I stumbled across Clinique Take The Day Off balm and my opinion very quickly changed and it became a holy grail product for me, read here.

A couple weeks ago my sister was travelling and I asked her to pick me up a Clinique prep and primp lip pops but the colour I was unsure of…I hadn’t swatched any of the colours previously but managed to do the whole obligatory ‘blog search for swatches which match my skin-tone’ and I ended up choosing Melon Pop, it seemed to be the colour everyone was raving about and haven’t used any Clinique makeup for the lip-sticks so I wasn’t really sure what to expect in terms of consistency or longevity but the consensus was that these were ultra-creamy and comfortable with good colour pay off.

I adore the packaging – however the colour packaging is a little dissimilar to the actual bullet. I was expecting it to be more on a peachy tone but it was more like MAC St Germaine’s younger sister who is a little shy in pigment. If you’re an olive skin tone then this is definitely one of those lipsticks that will make you look tanned. It reminds me of one of the lipsticks that my mum used to own (she only ever owned 3 lipsticks and the baby pink shade was her favourite) and for that I adore this lip-colour.

Longevity is where this product is slightly lacking, due to the creamy texture it doesn’t last for a long time – and if you’re tucking into a burger then don’t expect this to still be on the lips once you’re done with a meal. However with that being said, it is comfortable, super light-weight and completely appropriate for me to wear to work. I ended up picking up another one – this was totally enabled by blogposts Stacey from and Kal from who both talked about their love for Plum Pop – which isn’t that ‘plum’-like but more on the dusty pink side and quite pigmented – looks so beautiful on its probably my favourite out of the two.

Do I recommend them? They’re a nice alternative if you’re getting bored of MAC lipstick choices but the consistency is very similar to MAC Cremesheens (perhaps a little creamier if anything…) They’re £16 – so obviously not the cheapest available but these definitely aren’t the most expensive out there either and I’m definitely sort of addicted to getting some more.

 If you’re a lipstick addict then you’ve probably got a shade or two already…right?

Beauty blender

An alternative to a makeup brush

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mini beauty blender kevyn aucoin beauty blender mini green beauty blender

I love make-up brushes, just putting that out there. I love collecting them, love using them and I actually enjoy washing them too. So there was never really a need for me to venture out onto another product. However the beauty blender was getting a lot of hype in the beauty blogging world and I ended up buying one about 6 months ago but I haven’t used it since. I just haven’t got round to taking it for a little make-up spin. A month ago when I was away on holiday I came across the mini-beauty blender – made for concealing and all the tiny areas like around the nose and inner corners of the eyes. Oh… my… I actually squealed a little when I saw the mini-beauty blender sitting on the shelf. I did get two in my little box but I gave one to my sister – these are just adorable. Everything is so much cuter when its small, don’t you think?

Adorable size aside, the functionality of it, I totally underestimated the power of a mini beauty blender. It looks small when dry but once made damp it almost doubles in size, I usually use my MAC Fix+ and it helps to set the foundation in too.

I only really use it with my Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer as its a thick consistency and super pigmented and I usually need something to help really buff and blend the product onto the skin. Buffing brushes are great for foundation where they blend the product onto the entire face, but staring at my collection, I don’t really own a vast range of concealer brushes, I have a couple namely the Real Techniques setting brush and a Sephora brush, both of which are okay, nothing life changing. The mini-beauty blender however is somewhat a game changer – it works amazingly well with thicker concealers and helps to ease them onto the skin so that they melt in to appear as if you have naturally woken up with no dark circles - everything blends so much better – I have a video here where you can see it in action. To clean it I’ve been using my Johnsons baby shampoo which works incredibly well.

If you were tossing between the original one or the mini one - if you’ve got make-up brushes that you’re 100% happy with then go with the mini but if you’re in the market for an entire new brush then go for the face beauty blender.

Nair Agran Strips

Nair Argan Oil Wax Strips

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Nair Argan Oil Wax body

Hair removal isn’t something that I’ve spoken about before on my blog, however it’s something that I have experimented with quite a lot when growing up. I began to remove hair off of my body before I acquainted myself with makeup. From waxes to shaving right down to epilating, I’ve been there and done it all and I think now I have found a routine and a range of products which really work for me. Shaving is a big no no, I find that the hair grows back within an hour (I kid you not!) and because of my Asian routes my hairs (esp on the legs) are a lot darker than on my arms so when hairs grow back after shaving. Some people say shaving hair makes it thicker and others believe its a myth, personally the seeing dark little dots in the form of new hair growing back instantaneously freaks me out.

My go to has always been waxing and epilating – the hair takes  much longer to grow and it definitely reduces the amount of hair that grows back and I’m pretty sure my hair in thinner, however that may very well be my mind playing games. Epilating is amazing and I’ve had about 4 in the past 7 years – so the pain threshold for me is minimum, but after not really epilating my legs/arms throughout winter – come summer, the time to remove hair is creeping up and I can not handle the pain epilating gives.

If you want a quick fix, clean hair removal with minimum pain then waxing is the way to go. I for one am not confident enough to go into a salon and have my legs waxed – I always prefer to do it in the comfort of my own home at my own pace. Waxing strips are a godsend for me, they aren’t 100% pain-free but I can assure you that it’s almost as good as. Now because my skin is quite sensitive, I need to be very careful when picking waxing strips – they need to be suitable for sensitive skin but also very good at gripping all the hairs and remove it without causing too much aggravation on my legs.

This is where the Nair argan oil wax strips come in – these are brilliant. So gentle yet effective on the skin and super easy to use. You rub the strips between the palm of your hands just to warm up the product, there’s also a blue font print onto the strips and as you warm it up the letters start to fade away and that’s how you know that the product is ready. Apply onto clean skin and wax away – I use one strip about 3 times until the stickiness goes. Hair removal can feel quite strenuous on the skin but due to the Argan Oil element, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and nourished. I am obsessed with these and can see myself using these throughout the entire summer. These also come with post-epilation wipes which is basically soaked in oil goodness which removes any residue. I don’t really use the other wipes that comes with the pack which are the pre-epilation wipes. More then anything my skin feels moisturised and hair-free with minimal pain – win win!

You can get Nair argan oil wax strips here

May Favourites 2015

Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation

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Burberry Fresh Glow foundation

Matte skin is out, dewy skin is in…and I like it, a lot.

I had my eye on the Burberry Fresh Glow Foundation for the longest time but I resisted temptation. Mainly because I was quite happy with my Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation and to be honest no body really needs 5 bottles of foundation on the go, right? But one late evening I was walking past Boots in Liverpool Street – which I believe is the only Boots in London to stock Burberry makeup and I caved. I brought the Burberry Fresh Glow foundation and got myself matched to the shade Warm Honey which in my opinion is ever so slightly too dark but the next shade down was too ashy and to be honest Warm Honesy is definitely a shade that I can blend and make it work for me.

First time that I used it I just knew that this was going to be pretty special, it’s literally good-healthy-dewy (can I think of any more words?) skin in a bottle.
2/3 small pumps are enough to give me a light coverage and its definitely build able to a medium coverage. Waking up at 6.30am and applying a foundation which makes your skin looks like you’ve walked out of a beach is fine by me. 

It lasts a good 8hours without powdering – I hate layering my products and tend not to use a setting powder, if and thats a big if, I need to then it’ll be something like the Hourglass Ambient lighting powder or Chanel powder which is finely milled and literally apply it onto my t-zone. I’ve had so many compliments on the Fresh Glow Foundation, it doesn’t look cakey or over-powering. I have a normal/dry sometimes a combination skin and this is my favourite foundation so far…

So much so that I included it in my monthly May favourites this month – also I’m almost at 1000 subscribers…waaah?! 

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