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spring makeup

I am really having a blusher moment.

Something about the spring blossoms and brighter weather gives me an urge to buy every pink blush that is out there. However I do struggle to find a pink-toned blush which is flattering enough on my skin. Tarte Amazonian 12hr Clay Blushers are amazing – they last a really long time (not sure about the whole 12hour thing) they’re extremely pigmented and really easy to buff into the skin. I also find that they work exceptionally well when I’m wearing a mineral powder and the longevity is increased. I only own two Tarte blushers at the moment, its quite hard ordering blushers online, the only place I’m able to get them from is Sephora and I can never really tell what the shade-pay off would be like off screen.
To the left we have Natural beauty which is a stunning pink shade which looks amazing on olive skin-tones and it’s one that’s been on my cheeks quite a lot these past few weeks. And to the right we have Blushing Bride – this was my wedding blush of choice of course. It’s a small detail but absolutely love the mirror that it comes with. The Bobbi Brown face blender brush, I think is more of a foundation brush but recently I’ve been using it to apply blusher and it just adds the right amount of colour onto the cheeks. I own way to many blushers for my own good. Not that I need any more enabling but I would love to know what your spring/summer blushers of choice are!


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I find it so much easier to sit and think ‘oh I wish I had done this…‘ than to actually applaud myself and say, ‘I’m so glad I did that’. I do strongly believe in whatever happens, happens for a reason so I don’t really reminisce that much. However yesterday I found myself sat on my bed thinking about how I was 10/15 years ago and certain decisions I made un/knowingly that have helped to shape my life. With that being said, today I will share a handful of positive decisions that I made when I was in my teens and till this day I am so glad I did them. 


*Learnt how to ride a bike, without training wheels. My dad received a bike from a friend and just told me to get on it. I fell a few times but my dad was a firm believer in tough love. 

*Took my exam revision seriously. I always wanted to be an A* student but was predicted D’s and E’s – after months of revising I walked out with 7 A/A*

*Didn’t have a mobile till I was 18 (however this was more my parents choice then mine!)

*Wasn’t actively involved with social media till 4 years ago (FaceBook changed it all)

*I said I wanted to study Architecture when I was 8 and it’s exactly what I did.

*Self-taught myself how to do henna

*Learnt to say NO. This one was probably in my late teens.

*Wrote a diary

*Had few but true friends

*Read a lot

*Watched cartoons, you know the 90′s ones, Rugrats, Hey Arnold.


Some of these are completely random, I think whenever I’m feeling down I’ll look back on my list and remind myself of all the things I did right as opposed to things that aren’t going so well. Tell me one thing you’ve done that you’re proud of…



Spring polishes

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spring nails nails spring

Spring obviously means more nail polishes right? There are 5 shades that have been taking turns to grace my nails – surprise surprise most of them are pastel shades which one bright turquoise one. Barry M nail polishes are my favourite brand when it comes to nail colours, they seem to have every single colour available for under £3.99. The new range at the moment has the most gorgeous selection of muted hues and I only picked up two, Eat my dust which is a powder blue, its very sheer on first application so you definitely need 3 coats. But the formulation of these are the super fast drying ones, you don’t need to wait too long to apply a 2nd and 3rd coat. Stop the clock is from the same quick dry range but I found the colour to be a little more pigmented so I only required two coats. These last a good 7days before I see signs of chipping. Coconut is from the Barry M Jelly range which is supposed to have this hi-shine with a gel-like look. I love the range but the Coconut shade just stands out, its almost white with grey-ish, nude undertones. Normally these sorts of colours tend to wash out my skin-tone however there’s something about the pigmentation of this that works really well with my olive skin. The next two favourites are from Maybelline. These have pretty much been out of stock in every Boots or Superdrug that I have gone into until one day I finally got my hands on these two beauties. Uptown blue is a gorgeous bright sky-blue, I haven’t come across a colour quite like it before. Whilst Mint for life is very similar to Mint Candy Apple by Essie but a few pennies cheaper. It’s the classic pastel mint shade. I find that the Maybelline colours have better pigmentation in one swipe I get a better colour pay-off. They take slightly longer to dry than the Barry M polishes and they tend to start chipping on day 5. Overall these 5 shades have been in rotation and I can foresee them being with me for the next couple of months. What nail colours have you been loving?


Fuss free makeup

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I did a similar post a while back when I went away for a couple days on a Visit to the battlefields of Somme with school where I broke down my makeup menu. And one thing I realised, the simpler the better. There is no way that I would get more then a base and touch of concealer on, maybe a swipe of liner if I’m lucky. So this time round I’m away on a trip with Year 8 students for two nights – trips away from school are so important for students development. They get to see parts of the world that they possibly wouldn’t get a chance to see. Any who, my makeup menu is super simple and some of the items are fairly new. Firstly the Balm Shelter by the Balm – I have not read any reviews on this what so ever and I am always weary when I buy products without doing any research especially if they’re my base product but saying that The Balm products are one of my favourite, everything I have ever tried from their range is so lovely and I was expecting no less. I brought this in Spain in some random Boots/Superdrug equivalent store. The coverage is sheer to light but evens the skintone out and gives this lovely dewy fresh glow that I love. It is a tinted moisturiser so it’s very nourishing and super easy to blend, plus its SPF18 and weather forecast states that the sun is shining at 20degrees. I will be doing a full-on detailed review on this product in the near future. Concealing is so important to me, its probably the one thing I could not give up makeup wise, I’ve kept my Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer which is my new love and as we all know – students are going to be so excited that they’ll barely sleep the first night which means I’ll barely sleep the first night and ultimately dark circles. To tackle that area I’ve got my beloved MAC Conceal palette, I very rarely bring this out but it literally has all the concealing shades I could need. Base essentially done, it’s time to get a little adventurous. Marc Jacob is seriously becoming one of my favourite high-end brand. I picked up this eyeliner in the shade brown(out) and it is insanely pigmented, creamy but it doesn’t budge at all. I’ve brought a MAC 219 brush to smudge it out abit, a quick way to make it look like I’ve made more of an effort then I really have. 

One thing drugstore is good for are mascaras, I normally find great mascaras and I absolutely love my Bourjois mascara but picked up this Barry M Showgirl mascara and it’s supposed to be lengthening. It’s definitely a love-hate relationship with this. Some days I love it, sometimes I really hate it and sometimes I really enjoy it. I wouldn’t say rush and get it, there are far better mascaras out there. This definitely gives me more natural looking lashes and for that I think it’s quite good. For blush this Guy Bourdin Nars palette is my fave, four blushers which I love, a bronze and highlight. For lips I’ve kept my favourite Snob lipliner from Rimmel. My favourite thing about this entire set up is that it is a completely fuss free makeup look, potentially I could even just use my fingers if I wanted to. 


Lisbon Vlog

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I made somewhat of an attempt to vlog! There was so much footage and over half of it was lob-sided or looking up at the wrong angle – so i tried to salvage what I had and make a decent vlog. I have done a what I did in Lisbon’ post. It is an absolute beautiful city and I do feel like the rain stopped me from going out as much as I wanted to. But the atmosphere is so chilled – everyone is so relaxed and happy – definitely never get a vibe like that in London! I did enjoy the whole vlog process and even though at time I caught someone looking at me with a weird look, you kinda just get used to it. A film maker who has been creating incredible vlogging content is Casey Neistat - I’ve been a fan for SO long but incredible amounts of respect for him. He creates amazing amounts of content on a daily basis. 

Enjoy the vlog and let me know what you think 



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Barcelona barcelona4 barcelona1 barcelona5

barcelona7 barcelona2 barcelona6 barcelona3

If you’ve read my last post you’ll know that I was away for the last 8 days, gallivanting around Lisbon and Barcelona. After our 4 day trip in Lisbon, 9th April we had a flight booked heading towards sunny Spain. Scheduled to arrive at 6.35pm, factoring in the luggage pick-up, catching an aerobus and getting to the hotel we had hoped to be roaming around streets of Barcelona around 8.30pm. However due to the french strikes we were still in the departure lounge at 8.30pm! Tired, hungry and and pretty annoyed! There was literally nothing to do. Finally arriving at Barcelona at 12am – got to our hotel and went to sleep, hoping that the next morning would be a new start!

My husband is quite good at finding good hotels which are value for money, we try and book decent sized hotel rooms which are normally 3*-4* and always in the city centre! We were located in Pl Catalunya which has a metro with lots of different metro lines connections. It is also the aerobus drop-off and pick up point. If you’re thinking of heading into Barcelona definitely look into staying close to Pl Catalunya if you’re looking for convenience.

10th April – sun was shining and La Ramba was our first stop. It’s seemed to be where all tourists were, with lots of restaurants and bars, little stalls and lots of sangria around. We found a market where you could literally find anything/everything spanish-food related. Olives, fish, fresh fruit and fruit smoothies, chocolate, spices, nuts. It was incredible! We situated ourselves towards the back of the market where we saw the locals. I assumed the locals would know what all the best markets were and we started browsing. We walked our way around the lanes – had a lot of ice-cream! Around 3pm we decided to walk towards Sagrada Familia – about 45mins walk, but again the best thing to do when abroad is walk as much as you can. Tourist sites are great but I love getting to see the realness of a city by exploring all the hidden streets. Once we got there it was fully booked and we were advised to book online and have a screen-shot of the ticket saved online. So we started to make our way back to the city centre. That evening we booked tickets for Sargada Familia and planned to see Gaudis Park in the morning. 

11th April – We made our way to Gaudis park, firstly if you’re going with a pram – find a bus route! Because after getting off the metro you will have to walk uphill for a good 30mins. Once we got there we spent about 20mins getting to the highest point of the point and we could see Gaudis museum all the way at the bottom of the park. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go to the bottom because we had tickets booked for 4.15pm for Sargada Familia, which by the way is probably one of the most breathtaking piece of architecture I have ever seen. As an architect graduate I really appreciate a good building but this is beyond and above anything I had envisaged it to be. Apparently its going to take another 80years to complete depending on the finance situations. We spent the evening walking around and exploring Catalunya and the area around it. 

12th April – Sunday is where most shops apparently are closed. Well that’s what it said on the internet, so we headed down to Barcelonta (that’s the name of a metro station) where the beach was! There’s also a cool cable car which zips across most of the city – we spent about 3 hours lining up for it but totally worth it! Spent most of the afternoon chilling and eating a lot of ice-cream. For dinner we went to the coolest burger shack. Where my tongue graced the taste of Parmesan and Garlic chips – oh my god, they are so good! In the evening we headed towards the Magic Fountain - located on Espanya on the metro line. Probably one of the most magical water fountain show (it will all be vlogged in on my YouTube channel)

13th April we were due to head back to the airport at 5pm – so after checking out of the hotel we headed back to the beach – we planned to hire an electric bike/scooter and zip around the city, maybe go Camp Nou. Unfortunately the husband struggled to move the bike more then 5metres. So after an hour of trying to teach him how to balance, we gave up, returned the scooters and headed back towards the city centre. Shopped in Zara and Mango. I didn’t expect the clothes to be as cheap as they were. Sandals that I brought for £89.99 were on being sold for 69.99 euros! Nojmul and I have made a deal that if I don’t shop in Zara for 9months – we’ll go next year specifically for Zara and Mango shopping!

That was pretty much my Barcelona experience. Currently looking at tickets for Santorini and Athens for summer! Being a teacher is a tough job, but I got to agree with non-teaching people and say the holidays are one of the perks!



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A picture heavy blogpost is totally acceptable for a holiday post….right?

lisbon4 lisbon5 lisbon lisbon2

lisbon7 lisbon1 lisbon8 lisbon3 me

5th April I set off for what I thought would be a relaxing, sunny vacation, first stop was Lisbon for 4 days and then moving onto Barcelona for another 4 days. Getting a connecting flight from Lisbon to Barcelona was super cheap – around £22pp, if this summer you’re planning a trip into Europe I would definitely recommend splitting it up into two locations.

We arrived mid-day on Easter Sunday and it was scorching hot, 24degrees to be exact. Getting into town from the airport is made really accessible. There is an aerobus which takes you from the airport into the city centre and it only costs around 4euros pp and it runs every 10-20mins depending on the time of day. Or you can get the metro which is around 1.25euros and takes around 35mins. I much prefer taking a bus, this way I get to see the city. If you really wanted to get onto the Metro, they have pretty much an oyster card system, (obv much cheaper) you just reload whenever your money runs out.

We booked VIP Executive Apart Eden Hotel which is literally in the middle of the city centre – on the left of the hotel were all the traditional markets and stalls and to the right of the hotels were all the high-end luxury stores. We stayed more on the left side as there was more culture and really cute boutique style restaurants. There’s definitely a relaxed vibe in Lisbon, completely different from London. The cobbled pavements, worn down walls, graffiti on every surface, all have history hidden within the streets, very endearing.

Easter Sunday most places were closed, some restaurants were open but majority of the shops and markets were closed for business, so we just grabbed some dinner and browsed through the lanes trying to get a feel for the city. The next day, we were told that it’s a bank holiday which means that most museums and shops would not be open. On top of that it was raining, started off as a drizzle but there were moments where it was raining quite heavily. We didn’t want to waste an entire day cooped up in a hotel so we braved it and walked to Saint George castle. The cue to get on the tram (which are so vintage looking) were really  long – we started asking for directions and walked towards the castle. It was about 25mins of walking constantly uphill but you get to see the backstreets and the locals. Luckily throughout all of this the rain stayed away but once we got the castle it poured down! We didn’t get to enjoy the view and explore as much as I would’ve have liked. We made our way to a metro and got back to the hotel to dry up and get some lunch. Rain hadn’t stopped so I started googling places to go when it’s raining in Lisbon I actually googled that entire sentence and all reviews were pointing towards the aquarium. Apparently it’s the largest aquarium around in Europe so we jumped onto the metro and off we went. Definitely recommend going here – probably one of the best aquariums I have been to. Even now, writing this almost 10days later, I remember how beautiful and peaceful it was inside.
There’s a massive shopping centre and food court opposite the aquarium so we made our way in to explore – I was just looking for a Sephora.

If you know me, you’ll know that my exercise routine is between me getting out the house, driving to work and then running around a classroom. Beyond that I do very little walking which means I don’t really own any comfortable walking shoes and I had only taken a suitcase full of sandals and flip flops. By now my feet were aching in my super uncomfortable gladiator sandals so I went into Nike and brought a pair of Free Runs 5.0 – best investment ever! My feet thanked me the whole trip!

Tuesday we went to Sintra which is a 40min train journey away, you can use your metro travel card here just make sure you have enough topped up. I love train journeys, you get to see so much more of the city. Sintra in beautiful. Definitely need more than one day here. It’s whole land full of palaces and stunningly sculpted gardens. We only managed to get to two of the palaces and luckily the weather was on our side, it was sunnier and rain free. I think I’m definitely going to go back and possibly stay near Sintra just to explore it a little bit more. There was a lot of walking involved – what would I have done without my trainers?

Wednesday we went to Belem which again, is a train ride away, but much shorter maybe 15mins? I brought the most delicious Custard tarts (and I don’t even like custard) but it was raining so I didn’t get to explore it a whole lot. We came back to the city centre and just spent most of the day walking around local towns.

The local cuisine seems to be either fish or ham/pork, I don’t eat ham/pork and not really a fan of fish so we pretty much ended up eating anything with chicken or vegetables. I really liked Lisbon but obviously would’ve preferred it if the sun was out a bit more. There’s a lot of walking uphill involved so if you’re planning to go take comfortable walking shoes and maybe a rain jacket. Out of everywhere I’ve been in Europe it’s definitely the cheapest in terms of travelling/food and tourist sites. I flew out to Barcelona on Thursday which was a mission of its own – there were strikes with French Airlines which pretty much has a knock on effect through-out the entire airport, more on that in the next post.

I also attempted to vlog – which I am going to start editing now, hopefully should be up this Sunday so make you’re subscribed here.


Boots Haul

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I haven’t blogged in what seems like forever. Work sort of took over my life for a while and the last week of term is always pretty hectic. So here I am – the last few days have been somewhat crazy…Wednesday I realised my passport expired on Tuesday. I’m due to go away to Lisbon and Barcelona on the 5th, now with bank holidays and Easter Sunday round the corner I went into sheer panic mode. Luckily the husband is a calm bean and he sorted it out, I now have a passport and I’m ready to go! 

In terms of beauty, I’m pretty happy with the makeup I’m using at the moment, my base is the usual Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder and my obsession over Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer is still going pretty strong. However Boots being on a  3 for 2 across all beauty products I just couldn’t resist. When you start piling products into the basket, and get to the till you suddenly realise that it’s actually not that much cheaper…I ended spending a lot of money which probably should’ve been spent in duty-free.

Now I can’t actually remember the last time I posted a ‘haul’ – a traditional, ‘look what I’ve brought’, no review on what they’re actually like. Here are my picks for 3 for 2.





3for2bootsSpring is here, or atleast it should be. The grey clouds are suggesting otherwise, but with trying restore my nails after having acrylic nails for a consistent 6months, I am forever buying new nail polishes. Maybelline and the speedy quick Barry M nail polishes are formulas I have always wanted to try! Can you see the consistent spring-esque colour wheel? Bourjois Nail polish remover seems like an answer for a quick fix when travelling so I picked it up. The next few items that I wanted to try out, almost on a whim. Soap and Glory Archery is possibly a dupe to the Anastasia Brow Whiz pencil? The tester in store wasn’t that pigmented but I picked it up anyway. The Barry M ShowGirl mascara – haven’t heard much about it, but for £4.99 I’ll give it a go! With drugstore concealers I never have any luck. Only Maybelline Eraser Eye does remotely anything for me and I haven’t seen it in stock anywhere! So I brought the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer – hopefully it’ll do the job! The Maxfactor Excess Shimmer pots are my new favourite drugstore eyeshadows, however the black one has tiny shimmer particles which is a dupe for a Chanel one – they’re identical! Perfect for a smoked-out eyeliner. Have you picked up anything from Boots yet?

I’m going to get back to packing – the blog may seem quiet over the next week or so – not sure if I’ll have great internet. However I have a super cool YouTube video going up on my channel tomorrow so make sure you subscribe here.