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I can safely say that spring is officially here. I tend to bring out my rosey pink blushers out this time of year, its the perfect time to give your cheeks that ‘pop’ of colour which is subtle. Out of my crazy stash there are four that I have used on a daily basis for the past month and I thought I’d do a quick little post showcasing my spring picks for blushers. The most prettiest of the bunch is Maxfactor Seductive Pink – baked blusher are by far my favourite formulas, they just apply evenly and look so lovely on the skin. It’s super pigmented and the swirl of pink & coral merge together to create a beautiful rosey pinky peach colour which looks amazing on olive skin tones.

Sticking with the baked blush formula and recent re-discovery from my stash is the Hourglass Ambient blush in Mood Exposure, probably not the prettiest in the pan compared to all its siblings but the mauve rose colour looks really natural just giving my cheeks a gentle glow. Because of my tanned complexion, I would never naturally blush I a pinkie colour, it’s more on the subtle end of things so Mood exposure looks the most natural on my skin. I feel like I need to have the entire range of these blushers - have you tried any of the Hourglass Ambient blushers?

Marc Jacobs blush in Shameless was brought back in October when I went on my little trip to Paris, but I never really used it that much, but out of the bunch it is the silkiest formula. A matte rose shade which has incredible lasting powder. It’s very similar in colour to Bourjois in Amber Rose, which again is another favourite of mine. Quality drugstore blushers are hard to find but I think Bourjois do them really well. The little pots of beauty are really pigmented and have a lovely vanilla scent. 

3 out of the 4 are small round posts so in terms of blusher brushes – my beloved Sigma F40 brush doesn’t really work well so one day I just picked up the stippling brush from Real Techniques and WOW…the results are amazing. Who knew a stippling brush worked well for blushers? It allows me to gradually build up colour.

Even though I have a few blushers to get me through spring, it never hurts having more – so leave suggestions and recommendations down below.

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Chit Chat | G R W M

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In no way am I claiming to be a makeup artist but I tried to do a tutorial/ GRWM type video and using products that I absolutely love! All of the products used have been mentioned in a favourites video before. I tend to wear a light/medium coverage foundation and slap on a whole load of concealer. Charlotte Tilbury Light wonder foundation just gives me a dewy, beach skin glow. I’ve also currently been obsessing over the Urban Decay Naked Concealer - heads up but this will most definitely be in my favourites video. 
Who knew doing a talk through on camera was so difficult…? Let me know what you think…tips and tricks would be helpful.

Enjoy the video and if there’s any more suggestion for videos then let me know! I may do a ‘whats in my travel makeup case’ is that a thing? I’m pretty sure it is. I’m heading off to Lisbon and Barcelona in 10 days so I’ll show y’all the makeup I’m planning to take with me. 


BOURJOIS | 3 for 2

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bourjoisnails bourjois3for2


Boots and Superdrugs pretty much always have some sort of offer on with most beauty brands – one of my favourites is the 3 for 2! I mean – buying two things and getting the third three is pretty darn amazing! As well as grabbing a bargain – I love a good sneak peak into someone else’s haul – so here’s mine! One tired evening I went into Boots – the place that always makes me feel better (that would probably sound crazy to non beauty obsessive people – but totally makes sense to us right?) After hours of hovering and watching over the Bourjois stand – purchases in form of a blush, nail polish and mascara totes made the evening heaps load better. 

For a long time I was put off of drugstore makeup – I never really found much that was holy grail status, but recently I have rekindled my love with Bourjois – the fact that it comes under the same company as Chanel totally helps. The little pot blush looks so similar to the Chanel blushers and evening the consistency is pretty much the same. I remember absolutely loving them when I first discovered make-up. 74 Amber Rose, beautiful name, beautiful product. A matte rose colour which has immense pigmentation. Nars tapered Yachiyo brush works so well and buffs out the blush. I think I need more colours…

After absolutely loving the L’oreal Million Lashes, I thought I’d give Bourjois Volume 1 second ultra black lash a spin. The brush is a little thicker then what I am used to but it is definitely ultra black and separates the lashes. What impresses me the most is that it actually holds a curl the entire day! 

Is it spring yet? More importantly, is it okay to wear pastel nails now? I picked up this off-white-lilac colour. Which totally screams out spring and the formula seemed interesting so why not… Love the colour, hate the way it applies. It’s so sheer so I need atleast 3-4 coats until I get a decent opaque coverage – but the colour is just so beautiful. I don’t think I’ll be buying another Bourjois nail polish for a while, the amount of effort it takes to get a decent colour has put me off. 

Two wins, one not so much, you can’t win them all…! I also did a little skin care 3 for 2 shopping but more feedback on that once I’ve used the products…


Bean Boozled Challenge

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My sister and I have very different YouTube viewing taste, I like watching tutorials, lookbooks, and travel vlogs, whilst she spends hours watching mummy vloggers and challenges/pranks. She wanted to do the Bean Boozled challenge – I had never heard of it before but after looking it up I thought why not…picked up a pack of jelly beans and then filmed the challenge together! I’ve had so much feedback already and it’s probably the funniest video I’ve ever filmed. I really don’t understand how the creators of jelly beans created a bang on vomit flavour! Ergh….

I think I may do more tags/challenges with Noor (the sister) and maybe try and drag the littlest sister in too…so leave any video recommendations below!

Anywho, hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already!



Urban Decay Naked Concealer

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The hunt for a ‘do it all’ concealer never really ends. I mean I should just accept the fact that I have super dark circles, it’s heridetory and they should be embraced. None the less I am forever looking for a quick and easy concealer that trumps the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – which if you didn’t know is my ultimate favourite concealer…ever. I heard a lot about the Urban Decay Naked Concealer before it’s launch and I was scepitcal. I hate buying into hypes, especially when they dont live up to it (this has happened one too many times before) - so I waited a few months for bloggers (who I trust) to have thier say and after hearing great feedback, I went and brought the Medium-Neutral shade.

So there are 8 shades available, all which range from fair, light, light-med, medium, medium-dark, & dark. These are then split into two categories, warm & neutral. Warm is suitable for blending into the actual skintone with little brightening effect and Neutral focuses on highlighting. So to cover the Prada and Chanel bags under the eyes I went for Neutral. I tried light-medium, medium, and medium-dark in neutral and ended up going with medium. Which I think is slightly dark for under my eyes, in hindsight I should’ve brought light-medium – however medium still works quite well for those ‘i woke up like ‘dis’ days – and just evens out the skintone.

Consistency is very lightweight and it gives a full even coverage. It’s actually dare I say better coverage than the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Ginger however isn’t as brightening but like I mentioned – I should’ve brought the light-medium neutral to give that Kimmy K look. Despite being a full-on heavy duty concealer, it definitely doesn’t feel heavy, the product blends in really quickly and effortlessly, the doe foot applicator is quite slim so its better at controlling the amount of product. I always apply my concealer in small dots and blend out, with the UD Naked Concealer you need the smallest amount and is buildable.

You know when you almost begin to feel guilty because you like another product better? As if you’re almost cheating on the original product that you’ve been using for years…abit much? You catch the jist of it, I feel bad for liking the Urban Decay concealer more. #beautybloggerproblems

If you’re using Nars Radiant concealer then this is an awesome and cheaper alternative – the colour range is quite versatile for a range of skintones, I always struggle to find the right colour and if I managed to find the right shade then anyone can.

I’ve even managed to convert my sister hooked onto the Urban Decay Naked Concealer & I’m almost tempted to try out thier foundations, have you heard anything on the Urban Decay Naked foundation range?



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narsvelvetlippencil macnightmoth nars narsswatch


Although we all seem to wishing for brighter weather and spring is already around the corner, I don’t seem to have given up the dark lip colours! I adore the NARS velvet matte lip pencil consistency, they’re super matte but don’t dry out your lips, however they haven’t got the long lasting non-budge formula. The colour range is SO good – I may even do a NARS lip pencil collection, I seem to have collected around 8 shades! Train Bleu is an ultra dark berry shade that I have been loving! I wore it in my last video and I just love how it brightens up my olive complexion, paired with matte eyeshadows, a winged liner. D O N E. I know the formula isn’t long lasting, so I applied MAC Nightmoth lip-liner underneath just to accentuate my teensy cupids bow (this actually takes me longer then a winged eyeliner!) and I fill in my lips with Train Bleu. What do you think of this season inappropriate shade…?

You can watch my haul down below so you can see the lip colour in action….


brushes for concealing

Brushes to conceal

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concealer brush sephora realtechniques setting brush concealer brushes

Most of the time I just use my fingers for makeup, from concealer to foundations, even blusher and highlight. But for those days where you want to make the extra effort, where you don’t want to get messy with your hands, there are certain brushes which do an amazing job at concealing. I found myself using all of these a few months ago when I was sporting the claw style nails. Getting concealer in my fake, long nails just made my skin crawl so I really did need a good set of tools. The three I found to be reaching for time and time again were the Real Techniques setting brush, Sephora concealer brush and the all mighty MAC 217 – you may have seen these floating around the interwebs, you may even own any one of these, but I’ll be breaking down the pro’s, con’s and basically how they’ve just up’d my concealing game.

 Real Technique’s setting brush has never really been used for setting – I find that it’s the perfect size to blend under the eye, its fluffy but buffs away seamlessly and everything just looks so even. Your eye area is the most sensitive compared to the rest of your face and I definitely find that the bristles of this are so soft. Everything sounds great right? The only con I would say, I haven’t been able to find it on it’s own – I think there are a couple of websites which may sell I as an individual brush but most Boots I’ve been to, it only seems to come in a set! I really just want another one of this without buying an entire set.

Sephora brushes are everything. In fact a lot of Sephora products are great quality, which slightly confuses me because if we think about Boots/Superdrug own product line are known as the cheap alternative with not so great quality (No 7 is an exception) but with Sephora products, they’re awesome value for money but also very good quality. I used the 55 foundation brush and It’s one of my all time favourites, super soft and blends with ease, so whilst I was in Paris a few month ago I picked up the concealing brush. Its very different to any concealing brush that I previously owned or tried, there are a lot more bristles packed together and slightly more stiff. But it works! It does take a while getting used to and it seems to work best with my Maybelline Eraser eye concealer (back in love with product after abandoning it for a couple of months) & Kevyn Aucoin SE which is quite a heavy formula. If only it was a little more easily available in the UK - seriously, when is Sephora coming overseas?

Ah, MAC 217 really doesn’t need much introduction – its probably the ultimate brush for blending not only eye shadows but also concealing! When I was getting skin matched at MAC they artist used the 217 brush and I loved the result. Am I the only one who had no idea it could be used for concealing too? I currently own three – slight obsession. I almost feel like this is one of the brushes you could never have too many of. Out of the three, the bristles on the 217 are the least softest and its the priciest of thee at £19 – I tend to pick mine up at the airport. I will say that this is probably one the brushes that every makeup lover just needs.

Whether or not I get the time to apply a full face, I always spend a couple minutes focusing on the eye-area, especially since my eyes are super, I feel like I need to enhance them, there’s a post here on all the products (including concealers) that I use on a daily basis! I just love collecting makeup brushes, not so much fun when it comes to washing them though. What are your most loved makeup brushes?


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I’m pretty sure there’s a statistic somewhere which states the ratio of people who suffer/face a mental illness of some sort. Today I want to discuss one of the most personal aspect of my life. If I ever build the courage to post this then go me…

This isn’t my story, it’s my dads. He has suffered from a mental illness called Schizophrenia for the past 29 years. Now the common misconception of this is illness is that the person in question has traits of Jekeyl and Hyde, it’s sort of like that but there’s so much more to it. When growing up me and my sisters would see my dad behave in a completely different manner to all the other dads. We never really spoke about it to each other. But my mum sort of just drummed it in that our dad is ill and things are just different for us and we mustn’t compare our lives. What the illness was I never really knew or understood until I was in my teens and was able to research it. Schizophrenia is an illness like all other mental illness in terms of effect. It can vary anywhere from severe to mild spectrum and can have different symptoms for each person. I can only really speak about what my dad goes through on a day to day basis and how we as a family help and deal with it. 

Throw back to when I was 9 years old
I am an extremely light sleeper, the sounds of the lightest footsteps would wake me up. When I was 9/10 I have early memories of my dad waking up at 3am going downstairs to open the door because he thought the doorbell rang. After opening the door and realising that there’s no-one actually there, he would go back upstairs and into his room. This process would repeat 6/7 times throughout the night and each time he would get more and more frustrated swearing louder and louder each time he went up the stairs. I used to pretend I couldn’t hear and try my hardest to fall asleep, I assume my sisters would do the same, we were all scared because we never really got what was happening. 

When I was around 11, my first day of secondary school, dad was walking me to school and I could hear him muttering to himself, I couldn’t quite make out what he was saying, but at the age of 11 I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. Funny that now I feel ashamed and embarrassed of feeling embarrassed. I used to tell my dad to walk 10 steps behind me so that he wasn’t walking with me and nobody knew he was my dad. At the time it didn’t occur to me that regardless of him walking 10 steps behind me, people would be able to recognise that he is my dad because we obvs have the same features. duh. In year 9 I remember a boy from my form class in school asking me if ‘that was your dad walking behind you’ I tried to pretend that I couldn’t hear him and he continued with ‘he was talking to himself.’ I just put my head down into my book and ignored him. For a few years I carried on with life with resentment as if it was his fault. 

My dad suffers from a range of symptoms, the main ones are, hearing voices/noises, seeing things, getting angry/agettated quickly, he feels claustrophobic. 

Imagine when you’re trying to fall asleep and all you can hear is doorbells ringing / people talking. He’d often come into our room and shout at us for talking – when nobody was saying anything. 

Through-out all of this my mum looked and still looks after my dad. Reassures him, keeps him occupied – and with any person who suffers a mental illness there are good days, bad days and some really bad days. It all just depends. 

Where has this come from? The doctors still haven’t been able to pin-point it. The closest they’ve got is to assume it’s a side effect to some medication to when he lost his memory 31 years ago (that’s a whole other story) 

Is there a cure? Not really, therapy helps but its all about learning how to manage it as opposed to getting rid of it.

Having a mental illness is shit. It makes you feel trapped and I’ve seen it first hand. The best medicine for it, is having a strong support system, for my dad it was his family. We are his support system. To reassure him everything is and will be okay.

Yes I was ignorant and selfish when I was little. The older I’ve got the more I appreciate my dad and his illness. Because of him I’ve become patient, understanding and empathetic to a whole new level. 

If you suffer from a mental-illness my biggest advice would be to surround yourself with positive people, people who will listen and understand you no matter how crazy you may think you sound. Someone non-judgemental and just re-assure yourself that no matter how crap you’re feeling now, it will get better. Contrary if you are around someone who suffers from a mental-illness, all they need from you is confirmation. Confirmation that you will be there for them no matter what. Confirmation that you are trying to understand what they are going through. 

I’ve let you into probably what is the most personal part of my life. Lets make it count…share this story. You never know who it may help.


M A R C H | Wishlist

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As March approaches, I have 5 weeks left to half-term and I am planning my holidays during Easter. 4 days in Lisbon and 4 days in Barcelona and I’m going to try and fit in Madrid somewhere too. SO excited! But this means, paying for rent, booking flights and paying for accommodation, I have to seriously watch the pennies. I’m resorting to hours of online shopping and creating mental wish lists for when I do finally have some more monies. The first item on my hit-list are two jumpers are from All Saints I can’t decide between the two cream or black? Maybe both? My creams never stay cream and black just doesn’t stand out that much…ah so confused! The Whistles sweater is one I am on the fence about, it’s quite expensive for something that I will essentially be lounging around in, but considering that I spend most of my days either at work or being at home it may be a wise investment. Jumpsuits are so easy to wear and you can dress them up or dress them down. They are so darn comfortable! Both of these are from ASOS, the pink one is a Warehouse one and the black one is a Dahlia velvet one – it has a cool 70s feel. 

We all love a cool gadget right? Now I was never really a fan of the original Fujifilm instax, I think it looks a bit clunky and like a childs toy. However this install, the neo classic one is a lot more chic and has a vintage vibe to it. I really want to start vlogging more on my YouTube channel, I have a canon s110 camera and its good but the go pro can be strapped onto my arm/head and you can catch some really cool action shots. She says as if she plans to be bungee jumping.


V I D E O: February Favourites

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It’s been a while since I talked about my YouTube shenanigans on here. Over half term the week before last I had anticipated to do a lot of videos and really play around with editing. Pot luck I became ill so I only managed to get one ‘bonus’ video up mid week and it was a little look-book which you can see here. Please let me know what you think, I’m trying to infuse different elements into the channel, it’s always nice to have varied content and YouTube is such a creative platform, the possibility is endless and I really intend to make the most of it. Then Sunday a week ago a viewer (Hi Ashleigh) requested if I could share my favourite makeup brushes so thats exactly what I did, a little sum up of my most used blush/highlight brushes which you can see here. This Sunday I uploaded my February Favourites (its a tongue twister to even say!) and I also reached 600 subscribers – can I get a woop woop. I know it’s a super small amount, like teensy in compared to the entire YouTube community but it’s a lot and in celebration I created a little giveaway with all my favourite bathing products. I love L’Occitane, they’re amazing quality and everytime I use one of their products I feel so relaxed. There are four things included which will go to one lucky person. Up for grabs are L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil, Almond delicious soap bars 2 of these because they go really quick and my favourite Aromacologie scrub.

R  U   L   E   S

To ENTER the giveaway you must:

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The giveaway is open until 2nd April and once a viewer is selected I will contact them either through YouTube or Twitter!

Enjoy the favourites video and let me know what you were loving in the month of February.