KIKO haul

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What has gotten into me? I’ve become more and more obsessed with coloured eyeliner. I went into Stratford Westfield and went into the KIKO shop – its been a long time since i’ve been there, probably due to the fact that its nearly always so packed. However this was a mid-day trip which meant that shops were kinda empty. I looked around and there wasn’t really anything I felt like getting until I walked over to the eyeliner stand thats located to the back of the store. There are so many unique shades and with the price-point I don’t think you could get anything as good. 

KIKOeyes swatchesy

We’ve got the Glamorous eye-pencil range, which I picked up two shades, the first is 403 a lovely burgundy/copper shade, with the orange tint I feel like it would enhance hazel eyes. Its super creamy, ultra long-lasting and incredibly pigmented. I’ve worn this with a neutral matte eye and i love it. 405 is a shimmery purple shade – I have a sudden urge to apply purple eyeliner on the bottom lash-line but I know it’s a phase and a couple weeks later I’ll be over it. In the mean time to fulfil my needs I’ve ventured into this pencil eyeliner and I love it!

The last one was a KIKO Smart eye pencil in 800 it’s the perfect shimmery highlight for the inner corners of the eye. It was 30% off so I ended up getting it for £1.70 my cheapest purchase in a very long time! It has the same consistency as the previous eye-pencils. SO creamy. KIKO products are so affordable and great quality for the price! I still feel like there are hidden gems in KIKO that i have yet to discover…let me know if you know there are any good products within KIKO.



VIDEO // Jan favourites

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The first month of the year bites the dust and as I sit down to film my favourites – it seems that a few fashion bits have creeped their way into monthly favourites videos. With this being said, I do want to try and incorporate fashion videos into my YT channel in the near future. After all I love fashion as much as I love makeup. Way back when I was in my teens I was quite shy and found that I was able to express myself through dressing differently and being creative in my clothe choices – however I do look at photos of some of my outfits and think ‘what the f*&k’. So maybe in the future I’ll bring in fashion videos? Who knows. Any-who as for now I have my favourites video for you this month. Also, I surpassed 500 subscribers! Whaaat? Okay seriously this may be (probably is) a very small number to y’all but I started my YT channel pretty much alongside my blog and as the YT channel grew, with each subscriber I wanted to make more videos, work on my editing, work on the layout and content. Basically just get better at it for those of you that subscribed! I still have heaps to go with editing – my lipstick look-book is my favourite edited video by far!

I’m going to try and stick to my Sunday upload schedule so a video should be up 9.30am every Sunday (I’ve been good for a month!) Just a little heads up I have a primark haul (and a little topshop haul) coming for you this week so make sure you subscribe.


In all of this I don’t think I said thank-you! Thank-you for reading this, for following, for subscribing and ultimately joining my little world.