My Make-up Bag

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There’s nothing more I like than to snoop in peoples make-up bags. Okay, that totally doesn’t make me sound like a weirdo. It’s really interesting to see what people use on a day to day basisI thought I would share my make-up bag goodies. Bare in mind that these are only my little top-ups for the day and not my entire face hence why you see no foundation, eyebrow products, etc.

Daily MakeupConcealer is a must and as much as I love the NARS creamy concealer it doesn’t have a mirror – so the NARS concealer compact works perfectly because it provides a nice top-up and has a handy mirror too. The NARS compact concealer does tend to crease so I have pat it on gently, it’s definitely not a concealer that you can layer on. The two shades, Ginger and Custard work well for that last minute highlighting. Concealing sometimes just isn’t enough. No matter how much I conceal, there are still days where my eyes just look really tired. To make them appear bigger I apply the Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude on the bottom inner rim of the eye. I love this stuff, it was so hard to get hold of. But they leave my eyes feeling brighter instantly. Perfect for those morning after, late night marking sessions.

Anyone else carry 5 lipsticks in their bag at a time? I try to not do it as much these days and keep it to two, just ‘essentials’. The Revlon Colourstay lip liner in Plum is a gorgeous colour and almost a dupe for MAC Current. A lovely matte burgundy shade, pigmented, easy to apply! I don’t use this on it’s own, I add a little gloss on top and even though I do love a good matte lip, at the moment I’m really into a glossy lip. I can’t stand the stickiness. However the Clinique intense chubby stick in Grandest Grape provides the right amount of colour. The two shades just work so well together. I was never a fan of the original Clinique gloss stick line however the Intense range is stunning and has brilliant colour payoff. This is by far my favourite colour out of the range!

Eyes done, lips done, now time for cheeks. My favourite and I mean all time favourite blusher is the Hourglass Ambient lighting blush in Diffused Heat. I stopped using it for a month or so last year and oh boy did I miss it. I absolutely love it, Diffused Heat gives a flushed cheek without being too over-powering and the highlighting power adds a lovely glow onto the skin. The brush I’m using at the moment is the 300 Real Techniques bold metal collection brush. Now if you’ve missed my post you may want to check here I’ve written my first initial impressions of the Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection. After having a couple weeks or so play-time I can officially say that the brushes are definitely well worth the money. The brush picks up the right amount of product and feels like silk.

Lastly who doesn’t have a hand-cream in their handbag? Especially with the weather conditions London is facing, my hands are forever dry! This is by far the best hand cream I have ever used. L’occitane bodycare is wonderful and worth every penny.

I’ve shared my little make-up bag gems, it’s only fair you share yours….


ff bagel

Quick Bagel

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In no shape or form is this blog trying to be a foodie blog, anyone who knows me or who has ever met me will know that I can barely make a good cup of tea. However I can do a mean bit of bbq. During Christmas holidays I found myself brunching on a quick snack but it was relatively filling and quite good - if I do say so myself.

I have extremely weird taste buds, what tastes good to me will most likely not taste nice to the person next to me. However the husband really approved this little snack and said he’d even have it again!

SO here it is, the spicy hummus & turkey bagel. I couldn’t think of a more creative name.

I have tried a lot of bagels and this is by far my favourite, the red onion and chives one, you get a really nice bit of flavour. So how do I cook my infamous snack you ask?

 Toast the bagel, I don’t put butter in mine.

Layer on some spicy hummus, (the best kind) and then I slice 2 turkey pieces and place them on each bagel.

That’s it. Literally. You could alternate the turkey for some sliced salami, add some gherkins or cucumbers. It’s a really quick easy meal and if I can do it, anyone can.

bagel1 bagel3 bagel2

Do you have any other quick food tips?


IKEA lusting

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If you have seen my last home haul it’s becoming clear that I’m slowly starting to steer away from beauty (what?!) and getting more excited about rugs and cushions – crazy times, I know. Ikea is usually a disappointment, their storage is quite good but I can’t help and feel that everyone under the sun would have the same home furnishing. Nevertheless I’ve managed to find 5 things that I really want. The most exciting being the rug – what is happening to me? The second fav’ being the mirror, I can imagine this sitting in my hallway quite nicely. I also think that all items are all reasonably priced, and I just realised that they’re all monochrome. Have you seen anything in Ikea that’s a must?

Ikea wishlist



MAC Quad

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Blending eyeshadows is something I have always lacked. These YT gurus make it look so easy but I never think it looks good on me. What am I doing wrong? I feel much more comfortable in wearing a single wash of shadow, maybe something darker in the crease if I’m feeling adventurous. TIP; on small eyes, black smokey eyes never looks good – it’s way to over powering.

Have you ever gone into MAC and thought, ‘there are just waaay too many eyeshadows to choose from?’  This happens to me all the time. I find small, crowded spaces overwhelming. I spent a lot of my free time googling swatches in order to see what colours I should get – at the moment I own 29, (I know) but the ones I always use and come back to is the combination of these four shadows. The advantage of having a quad palette is that I can travel around with it and not feel like I’m carrying too much. Paired with my 217 MAC brush, aka best brush ever! I have a understated, completely day wearable eye look.

Woodwinked is probably the best golden taupe eyeshadow I’ve come across (please feel free to suggest anymore) - it glistens and gives a ‘I blended two shades’ look. It’s a really lovely, classic colour and my most used one for a day to day. It’s shimmery but not over powering. All that glitters is a pink shade that I pair with a simple thin winged eyeliner. A shade that would look lovely on any skin-tone. The next two colours are for when I want a matte smokey-shadow look. Soba is the base colour and then I add Mystery in the crease – blend away, add your classic black winged eyeliner and hey presto! My four little wonders.

I love my little quad palette – I like to chop and change colours but these are the ones I have been constantly been reaching for.  They’re easy to use, not much blending required. What’s not to love, right? What have been your top MAC eye shadow colours?

mac eyes mac2


Yes to…

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I do not condemn wipes as an every day form of cleansing - nope. Go and double cleanse as soon as you get indoors. BUT there are days when you just need to quickly wipe your face and don’t have the time to cleanse properly. For me it was when I was travelling to Paris and I needed some quick, on the go wipes in my hand bag. In all honesty I had no real intention of actually using them, however I am someone who over prepares and packs thinking ‘what if…’

I picked up a packet of Yes to Cucumber. wipes and as it was on 3 for 2 at the time in Boots I decided to pick up other wipes within the range, ya’know for research purposes. So in addition, there’s Yes to Carrot and Yes to Grapefruit. The first one I opened was the Yes to Cucumber and I literally only used it to remove makeup off my hand. There was no expectation for these, I just whipped them out – few moments later my hand felt ultra smooth and smelt extremely refreshed. I was so shocked that these wipes left my hand feeling clean and fresh. I then dared to use them on my face (obviously a new wipe, not the same one) I was scared, not going to lie. This little wipe removes all makeup off whilst keeping the skin calm. It’s not stripping or drying, perfect for sensitive skin and the smell is cherry on top.


If you’re familiar with the Yes to Carrots range, they’re designed specifically for dry skin. The smell takes me back almost 8years when I used to work as a Skincare consultant in Boots and used some Yes to Carrots moisturisers. These wipes are specifically for dry skin, but not overly moisturising either. Yes to Grapefruit is the one that I have yet to open. Like I said, I don’t use these on a daily basis so three packets will last me a long time.

As mentioned, wipes are once in a blue moon tool, do not replace it with your everyday moisturiser, no matter how tired or lazy you’re feeling. BUT (there’s always a but) if you need something quick and on the go then these are definitely some to check out. Much better than your baby wipe.



Nude nails

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Ever since I got married in the summer last year, (still feels weird to say last year) I had acrylic nails on. Its been 5 months, so it was about time I give them a breather. Having acrylic nails on is extremely damaging – more so if you have it for a prolonged period of time. Your nails needs to breathe. After I removed them I started focusing on trying to repair the damage. One method was to ensure that I was filing them regularly with my Leighton Denny glass file. One of the best files I have ever used. Ever. It not only files but makes my nails all smooth and shiny and doesn’t make that horrible scratching noise.  I’ve never really been one to take time and file, but think of it as giving your hair a trim every 6 weeks, the more you do it, the healthier your hair becomes, similar story with nails here. Maintenance is key.

I then apply a cuticle oil twice a week – one that I’ve been using quite regularly is the L’occitane Nourishing oil with 30% shea oil. I’m a huge fan of shea butter, the 100% form is awesome for dry, dehydrated patches. Using the smallest amounts on my cuticles and massaging it, few weeks later I have healthier, shinier nails.

nail3 nail2

For two weeks I applied no nail polish, oh boy it was painful… tonight I decided to paint them! I started rummaging through my stash and you know that feeling, when you have loads of clothes, but you still can’t find anything to wear.Yeah, that, I went through a similar phase but with nail polishes instead – until I found my two favourite shades of all time!

Nails inc in Porchester Sq. A beautiful nude, I decided to use this as the accent nail. It’s such a stunning colour that suits every skin-tone, and the gel effect makes it extremely long-lasting. I’ve worn this for 7 days and no chips. I then picked out Essie Maximillian strasse her. Weird name, stunning shade. A grey-ish, green-ish muted tone. Perfect winter/spring colour. Clearly I wasn’t satisfied with my choices because I decided to whip out Essie Summit of stylestunning gold flecks added to the tips to add a tiny bit of bedazzle.


Clearly not ready to give up festival glitziness.

Seeing as I am back to painting my own nails, I need you to hit me up with colours I need…


NARS Audacious Lipsticks

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Unknowingly I seemed to have developed quite an array of NARS Audacious lipsticks, yet I still feel like I don’t have enough. Calling lipstick rehab centre. I realised whilst slapping on Anita this morning that I haven’t actually blogged about these. To be honest there are a lot of products I have brought and loved but haven’t had a chance to blog about yet. Still working out how to tackle this situation. Anywho, Nars Audacious Lipsticks are a new offering (well not that new, they’ve been around for a while) priced at £24.00 they keep in line with the NARS Premium range yet it is cheaper than Tom Ford. Apart from the Velvet Matte/Satin lip pencils, there’s not that many lipsticks choices that I would rave about from Nars. Red Lizard is a beautiful orangey red from the original lipstick line but quite drying and not as pigmented as you would expect from a higher-end brand.

NARS cleverly thought to create a lipstick which would not only give intense pigmentation but feel light as air and moisturising as butter without the slip and shine. NARS also claims that these Audacious lipsticks would enhance the lips and make them appear fuller. Is that even possible? I was very sceptical, yet I gave in. I am weak. I brought Anita as my first choice after the lovely Sophie from (whose blog I love btw!) suggested it. I do love a good recommendation. and it was the most gorgeous nude I had ever tried. It didn’t wash me out, or make me feel yellow. Definitely my go to shade for pretty much the rest of my life. Bold statement. Having an addictive personality means that I very quickly yearned for more and enter, Grace, Liv and Geraldine.




 Let’s get acquainted shall we?

Grace is a stunning punchy watermelon shade, it’s a colour I think would suit tanned skin as well as dark, or pale skin tones. It’s the ‘I’m ready for a beach holiday’ shade. Really beautiful in the bullet and on the lips.

graceGeraldine is a fire orange – I honestly think that orange shades look incredible on olive, pale, or dark skin tones. Yes you need a pair of balls to wear it. Yes it is a very eye-catching colour. But my goodness is it gorgeous. I absolutely love this shade. It’s a pure orange, I think I have about 6/7 orange tones in my collection, this being the nicest and probably the most wearable out of the lot. Tom Ford Wild Ginger has a slight tint of red, whereas this is a little more pure.


 Liv is the latest addition to my family. My husband said he was going past SPACE.NK and asked if I needed anything. (Need being the key word here people) I asked if he could pick up Fanny and he looked at me like I’d gone crazy. I hadn’t. Fanny is one of the Nars Audacious lipstick colours. As lovely as he is, I don’t think he would willing go up to any sales assistant and ask for a lipstick called Fanny. I opted for Liv instead. I hadn’t swatched this previously, I was purely going by the computer generated colour on the Space.nk website. I was expecting it to be more on the line with MAC Heroine, maybe slightly darker? But it is a lot darker. Reminds me a colour which would be specifically produced for the ladies in the Aadams family. I bloody love it. Dark colours (I think) look really good on me. My husband disagrees. Meh. Pigmentation, quality – everything is very consistent through-out all four products. This makes me very happy and my bank balance very sad.


Another few plus points. Love the fact that they don’t have any scent to them. The packaging is much nicer than the matte packaging which always gets grubby so quickly. Love the little little clicky noise the packaging makes when it closes. I really enjoy the magnet which helps it lock into place. I also am very happy about the fact that Nars have their name embossed on the side of the lipstick bullet as opposed to the top like TF. I wish TF changed that so I wouldn’t be so anxious that it would ware off. It’s also cute that they’re named after girls – I still can’t quite get over Fanny, however Francois (the creator of NARS) tends to come out with some pretty out there names, i.e Orgasm, Deep throat…feel free to insert any more I have missed here.

If you want to see these in action I have swatched a couple in my lipstick lookbook here.

NARS Audacious lipsticks are available here

Overall, they are expensive but not as expensive as Tom Ford – this is how I am justifying it to myself. I wish I could give you a certain colour I liked more than others – but I really can’t. They are all lovely. Are these on your dressing table/wish-list yet? Go on, enable me.


Charlotte Tilbury | Haul

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Charlotte Tilbury is probably my most sought after make-up brand, after investing in the sculpt brush I became obsessed with the her products and wanted to invest in the make-up line. Seeing so many of my favourite you-tubers talk about Charlotte Tilbury, my list begins to grows longer each day. Selfridges had a 10% off their beauty line, and this is when I strike. I spend all my hard saved pennies that should be going towards a car, a sofa, a new lense. Anything which is way more significant than a lipstick. But I have my priorities straight – so I brought three things that were at the top of my list. A matte lipstick, in Love Liberty, a beach stick in Ibiza, and a eye-shadow stick in Amber Haze.



Love Liberty is as beautiful as I imagined, a stunning, rich berry shade. Extremely pigmented – I really love this colour and although it looks pretty ordinary in the bullet, when on the lips there’s an unusual deepness to the colour. The Matte revolutionary range are probably my most favourite matte lipsticks out their, I absolutely adore Glastonberry, however it isn’t your everyday shade. I will most likely get a more nude shade so it’s work appropriate!

The beach stick in Ibiza is my favourite out of all three products, a bronze shade with a golden glow – when I apply the By Terry Cover Expert in the morning, a swipe of this on the cheekbones gives me a lovely bronzed glow. I’ve worn this over a week now and each time I’ve looked in the mirror with this on, I’ve thought - woah my skin looks good. I don’t think it’s because of my skin’s actual state. Lack of sleep, bad food and lots of chocolate means grey, dull skin. However the beach stick provides a generous healthy glow. It literally glides onto the skin, blends seamlessly and it glistens. I love the simplicity of it too, swipe and blend with fingers, no brushes needed. I have only used it with the By Terry so I can’t really say how well it works with other bases.

The colour chameleon, an eye-shadow pencil range which is designed specifically for certain eye-colours to make them pop. I try not to fall for fads like that, but for experiment sake I went for Amber Haze which is created for Brown eyes. A deep brown shade which seems to have a hint of golden sparkle in – does it make my eye’s pop? Probably not. I much prefer my Marc Jacob twinkle pop, (although MJ was slightly more expensive - totally worth the money) Longevity is this eye-shadow sticks strong point. It lasts a bloody long time, won’t crease. Colour pay-off was awesome and if I hadn’t found Marc Jacobs then this would probably have been one of my top eye-shadow picks. Would I buy this again? I am tempted to try Bronzed Garnet which is a burnt orange shade, developed specifically for green eyes. But the colour is so stunning, I’m pretty sure it will work for hazel eyes too.

Next products I need want Rock’n'kohl iconic liquid eyeliner in Marlene midnight, Filmstar bronze & glass.


Husband Tag

VIDEO | Husband TAG

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I’m not sure how I did this, but one night the husband was ill – and I mean really ill. I gave him a couple paracetomals and said, ‘hey do you know what would be fun, if we filmed a video together’ he politely agreed. I think he was just too tired to argue with me. So here you have it people, the husband tag. Everyone in our family has seen it, all our friends. Years from now me and Nojmul will look back on the video and remember what it was like being newly married. I don’t think we actually answered any of the questions properly.

Oh and thank-you to those who thought I was 21 and under, this make me very happy! However I my early 20′s are way over and the 30′s hill is in view-point! (I’m 27!) Anywho, enjoy the Husband Tag.



Healthy mindset

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Christmas holidays are coming to an end. I’ve had two weeks of pure indulgence – eating chocolates and cakes whilst making very little movement. Even as I type I’m sat on my living room floor, eating a large packet of Galaxy counters, my mind says put them away yet my fingers can’t stop putting them in my mouth.

Over indulgence in food and feeling crap has led me to writing this – it’s not meant to offend anyone, just my thoughts.

Every night for the past few days, I’ve laid in bed staying awake till 2am staring into space, listening to the odd car drive by and feeling really shit about myself. Well not me as a person but my physical appearance. During my early teen’s right up to mid-20’s I was a cross between size 6 and size 8 and I thought I was ‘fat’. I was so unhappy with my weight that spent my spare time doing random exercise, crunches, squats, Pilates. I did everything that I thought would potentially help me lose weight. I didn’t appreciate what I had – and no matter how slim I became it never seemed enough. Whenever someone commented ‘you’ve lost weight’ on their part it was probably a concerning comment as opposed to a congratulate one but I would gleam with pride and say ‘thank-you.’ Feeling quite proud of myself. I brought really nice dresses, (each one costing up to £150) but I didn’t have the confidence to wear it at the time – I wanted to be slimmer. I would even eat in small portions, deprive myself of all the things I wanted to eat and experiment with fad diets.

Around 25y/o, full-time job kicked in, family life become busier and exercise went out the window and it was okay for a while. Because I was content. Happier in my own skin. I was happier being a size 10 then I ever felt being a size 8 or size 6. However, now I’m 27 – oh my god. I despise so much of my body. My ever-growing love handles, my legs, my arms. This has led me to eating in a very unhealthy manner. I’ve stopped drinking water – coke (and the occasional non-concentrated, no bits, orange juice) has become the only drink I consume. 5 boxes of Ferroro Rochers, cupcakes, ice-cream, waffle. All eaten at an unhealthy amount in the last two weeks and as much as I would like to blame Christmas and family gatherings, my immediate family – more so my mother – is extremely healthy and believes in fresh foods and minimal sugar. So Christmas is definitely not an excuse for me. I know that I only have me to blame and to be honest it’s easier feeling sorry for yourself then to change a lifestyle.

When I would have days feeling crap about myself, I’d go to the local supermarket and spend £50 on junk-food. For the past few months I’ve had to ban myself and rely on my husband to buy food shopping – just to ensure to that I wouldn’t be tempted to buy unnecessary unhealthy food. But it’s safe to say this method hasn’t worked the last two weeks and it’s been an epic fail which has led me to this depressive state.

My family genetics work a bit like this, we’re born as big babies, and I mean big. I was 10lb 5oz, god bless my mum. Then most of our teen/adulthood years were slim, and at 30 boom – we put on a lot of weight, very quickly. Our metabolism goes from being super active to slug speed in an instant. With this knowledge I should stop eating the sugar and processed food. So I’ve decided today I’m making changes. From today I’m going to make more of a conscious effort to drink water, eat in healthy amounts and try to get back into my Pilates. I’m not really worried about losing weight – I just want to feel healthy.

Comfort eating may feel okay for a short amount of time but is it really worth it?