Essie Cocktail Bling

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As much as a I miss my acrylic claws – it’s fun being able to paint my nails on a weekly basis (which also means that I am spending far too much on Essie nail polishes) The other day I made a late night trip to Boots and did some hauling, amidst of all the products I picked up Essie Cocktail bling. That same night I painted my nails and you know me, I’m never happy with just one colour and clearly I’m not ready to give up the glitter yet so I added Essie Summit of Style – the most gorgeous rose gold glitter. It looks amazing used sparingly or packed onto the nails. Also layering glitter on top of a nail polish is less damaging on the nails.

Essie Cocktail Bling is a beautiful blue which seems to be infused with grey, very similar to the colour palette of Maximillan Strausse Her these colours are so versatile and they work brilliantly as a transitional shade between winter to spring. 

haul1 nails

 nails2 nails1


Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 22.00.14

Life lessons

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I don’t have an older sister, an aunt, or any older cousins who I could speak to on a regular basis when growing up. A part of me wishes that I could’ve more prepared or was given advice on the little things in life. However time has elapsed, I’m older, hopefully a little wiser and I thought I would share some of my life lessons with you.

Sometimes letting go is really the best thing
When you’re in school you may feel like leaving your friends is the most awful thing that could ever happen to you, you begin to hate the school system, the government and ultimately your class teacher (as if it’s their fault?!) I’ve been on both ends, as a student I felt like that when I was choosing my options at school – if you’re not familiar with the UK schooling system age 14-16 you get to pick 3 subjects which are from the creative/humanities category like Art or History. Any who I remember when I was 14 the worst thing was being separated from the only two friends I had. We all chose the same GCSE options but were separated into different classes. No actually, they were put together and I was on my own. As a teacher I now understand that the class teacher has nothing to do with this, it’s just how things fall in place. But if it wasn’t for me being alone in my lessons, I wouldn’t have learnt to let go and meet new people in school. Then when I went college, I knew nobody. My friends had gone off in different pathways – again quite a hard time for me but I learnt to let go and meet new people! And then you’ve got your relationship. You’re first serious relationship, if it’s not going right, there’s arguments and you spend most nights crying yourself to sleep then you need to let go. And saying goodbye to you’re first love is so hard. But the saying ‘if it’s meant to be, it will be’ there is some truth in that. Okay, so things don’t magically fix themselves, but you trying to work on something that doesn’t ultimately make you happy is only going to make you feel down and depressed. Let it go. *cue in Frozen song*

Be independent
This sort of links with my last point – being alone can be the scariest thing when you’re young (or even as an adult) the last thing most people want is to end up alone. However sometimes staying with your thoughts can be helpful. Especially when you’re having a chaotic time, the best remedy is you, yourself and some fresh air. For me, a quick jog, a walk in the park just helps me to clear my mind up. Give yourself some TLC.

Save ze dolla’
Okay, so this was something my mother told me time and time again. But I didn’t listen, typical teenager. I was lucky enough to have a job I bloody loved at 18 and was really good at! I worked as a skincare consultant for a mahusive company, the ladies were amazing (and money was  good) but I didn’t save a penny! I don’t even know why, I never had a crazy party life, never really went to bars or clubs. I travelled a little bit (not half as much as I would have liked) but most of my money went on clothes. Clothes that I haven’t even worn yet, 8 years later they’re in my cupboard with the price-tags still on and I just can’t seem to get myself to throw them away. Biggest regret ever! If you’re earning, save a little, save a lot. Just save.

Oh man do I regret not travelling, being in uni, meant that I had long summer holidays and I was earning which meant that I had the availability and money to book tickets for a quick break across europe and take advantage of cheap flight. Why didn’t I do this? Now I’m teaching (which I’m lucky enough to love) and ticket prices are triple what they would be during term time. Travel as much as you can. Doesn’t even have to be far – it can be down to the next city, just get out!

Love thy parents
So this is the biggie. You see, as you get older, you begin to appreciate the smaller things that your parents do for you. The food, the smiles, the hugs, the reassurance. All the tiny things that nobody in this planet would do for you, your parents fulfil and they become so much more valued. For personal reasons I held grudges against my parents for a long time – far too long. And one horrible, life threatening incident where I almost lost my mum made me realise that I would never be able to take back the hurtful things I said, the silence that I gave. When my mum laid in ICU on life support I prayed so hard, I prayed for my mum to open her eyes and tell me it’s okay. I wanted to say sorry. Sorry for being a selfish bitch. Sorry for acting like a spoilt brat. Weeks went by and my mum got better, we’re in a much better place and I appreciate the fact that I’m very lucky to be given a second chance, not everyone is lucky enough to get one. If you have read this and if there’s one thing you can take away from this, and tell someone who is dear to you that you love them. Especially you’re parents. *off I go for a cry…*



Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder Foundation

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Seriously, the foundation angels must be smiling down on me because every foundation I have tried in the past year have been nothing but amazing. Today I bring you Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation. It’s awesome and that is all. This (along with 10 other products) was on the top of my to get list. Pay day arrived and I got the tube at 6pm on a Friday evening down to Bond Street, during rush hour, what the hell was I thinking? Made my way swiftly to Selfridges and headed towards the Charlotte Tilbury counter and can I just add as a side note that normally beauty counters in Selfridges (not that counter itself, more so the staff) can be really uncomfortable however the ladies at CT are so nice! Either that, or I was just to in awe with the products that nothing phased me. I was colour matched to no.8 a medium olive tone – it’s a perfect skin match, which I was actually pleasantly surprised, I imagined the foundations to be more pink toned but there is a nice balance of yellow & pink tone foundations. I applied it when filming my favourites video which is up today- subscribe here so you don’t miss out. The formula is so light-weight that it didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything at all but it still manages to give me a beautiful medium coverage. I used the Wayne Goss brush in no.1 to apply which is one of my favourite foundation brushes, the angle and the small head allows me to get into the corners of the nose and it helps to buff in the foundation seamlessly. It’s very rare that I wear a foundation and my husband compliments me – and he even said my skin looked great! You’re left with ‘lit within glow’ so perfect for the winter weather! There’s SPF15 but I didn’t get a flashback when taking photos but I am yet to test it still. I wore this for about 5 hours and it pretty much stayed put. I definitely see the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation creeping up to be my most loved one! There’s a selfie just to show what the foundation looks like – it’s love. 



Teddy | MAC

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The do it all eyeliner. These days I see myself steering away from the solid black eyeliner and heading towards brown or olive shades. They’re slightly forgiving for us eyeliner noobs out there. Recently I’ve seen myself using a MAC eyeliner in Teddy, a brown eyeliner which almost has a teensy bit of metallic shine to it. Worn on its own or with woodwinked eyeshadow it just helps to create a soft, day appropriate eyeliner. My criteria for a black eyeliner is quite high, non-smugde, non-budge, water-proof, the works and often quite a difficult product to get my hands on. Teddy by Mac is a much forgiving formula. I tend to heat it up (using a light candle/hair drier heat – let it cool down) and apply it onto the top lash line and lower lash line, sometimes extend it out if I have time. Using an angled brush I smoke out the eyeliner and it gives this whole ‘lived in’ vibe which I am totally obsessed with. There is a slight orange undertone this almost helps brown/hazel eyes to stand out. There’s just something I really love about the product and colour. Longevity is about 6 hours, and it isn’t the most ‘long lasting’ formula but when I applied it on the bottom water-line of the eye, the colour lasts the entire day and even when it does start to smudge, I quite like it. 

I don’t really own that many MAC eyeliners but I’ve started to fall in love with MAC products all over again. What other eyeliners do I need from MAC?



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gel eyliner 1

When I started taking make-up slightly more seriously (in my early 20′s) I started to experiment with colours which weren’t blue. I’m pretty sure that everyone went through a cobalt blue eyeliner phase at one point or another in their life. Anywho, whilst going on a trip to Istanbul we (me and some friends) found ourselves at the Bobbi Brown counter swatching the gel pots. I was super hesitant and asked the lady at the counter if these would dry out horrendously like the MAC Blacktrack – which by the way, I love. The finish is amazing, matte black which almost looks like velvet once dried on the lids however the pot itself dried up after 3 months of first use, and yes I did close the lid properly. She reassured me that it wouldn’t. The formula is creamier and softer which means that it takes slightly longer to dry, but once dried it wont smudge or budge. I gave in and decided to buy Forest shimmer Ink from Bobbi Brown. It’s a lovely colour with definite olive undertones which work so well for brown/hazel eyes. Forest shimmer Ink posses a hint of green/gold tone and a miniscule smidge of shimmer but not too over the top. It’s great pick if you’re a bit hesitant to use a full on matte black eyeliner as you can get away with it not being that neat. It gives a nice ‘lived in & smudgy’ effect, try applying it on the bottom lash and smudging it out. Totally the whole Olsen twin vibe. You have enough play-time to smoke up it out with some eye-shadow if you wanted too and it’s great because it enhances brown eyes (well, that’s what I found for me). Its a nice formula which lasts a long time, both on the lids and in the pot. My one has clearly been much loved and used. Whenever I whip this out I don’t feel the need for an eyeshadow, this has enough colour (and slight shimmer) to use on it’s one. A lovely alternative to the usual black eyeliner. This probably comes out when I don’t have time or the patience to apply the perfect feline flick, but also eye-shadow is a bit too much on the cards, this is what I take out. I’ve always had lots of compliments when I’ve worn it.  And because this was so impressive, I went out and brought the black one from the Bobbi Brown gel (pot) eyeliner range but didn’t love it as much, it was slightly too drying (but not as drying as MAC) and it just didn’t work for me.

swatcheseyeliner bb2 bb1

It is £18 so definitely on the pricier end of things, however recently I’ve found the Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in Black Gold which is pretty much a dupe and for a fraction of the price it’s not too shabby, slightly more glittery but totally day appropriate. 

The MakeUp Forever black eyeshadow cream pot reviewed here is definitely my all time favourite long-lasting black eyeliner gel pot.

However word on the street is that Inglot does an amazing black gel pot eyeliner too and Westfield Stratford have an Inglot store – how have I never noticed this before? Has anyone tried the gel eyeliner pot or any other makeup bits from Inglot?


Too Faced | Natural at Night

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It seems like in 2014 Too Faced got some real attention from some of the bigger beauty bloggers. It’s not a brand that I find is easily available in the U.K, I’ve only ever really seen it in a few of the larger Boots stores. So I decided to invest in one of their eye-shadow palettes – behold Too Faced Natural at Night. This is the perfect set of colours for someone who is an eye-shadow amateur. 9 neutral shades that are separated for different occasions -but that never really means much to me



A collection of ‘neutral’ tones whilst remaining on the shimmery side, so if you’re light hearted and don’t like a bit of glitz then this is probably not for you. There’s two matte shades, which is a highlight and a mid-tone brown which I guess is designed to be some sort of transitional colour.

After playing around with it for a month or so the bottom row is my personal favourite. Mainly because I’ve always found a dark smoky eye very over-powering which means that i usually I opt for dark browns. However the shade Night Fever has a mixture of gold/green tones which may seem over the top in the palette but when worn it gives a lovely green/golden sheen. It’s also a stunning shade on the bottom lash line which makes brown eyes pop. With only two matte shades it’s definitely a ‘in your face’ kinda palette. I always find that with eyeshadow palettes you end up compromising for a few dud colours that you will never wear, Natural at Night provides colours where each one is wearable. The shadows are quite heavily pigmented so you need the lightest hand with them. I learnt the hard way. Now in shape or form am I an eyeshadow expert but there are two brushes that I’m loving at the moment and they the MAC 217 and MAC 239. MAC eye brushes – so amazing! I’ve heard a lot about the Too Faced, Better than sex mascara. What do companies think when they’re naming their products? I do wonder.

The Too Faced Natural at Night palette is my favourite eye-shadow palette at the moment and for £29, it’s not the cheapest out there but the quality and quantity is truly amazing and worth the money in my opinion. Side note, I did go to Inglot yesterday and the eye-shadows looked/felt dreamy! Have you tried Inglot products before…?





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I’ve started to create (sort of) a schedule on my YT channel. Every Sunday at 10am – that’s when I normally like watching videos and catch up on videos.  Working full-time and being insanely tired most evenings, I’m hoping I will use half-term to pre-film and schedule so that I am able to keep up to my time table.

yt2 yt1

The past two weeks I’ve put up a Homeware Haul and a Lush Haul. I was so scared of using Golden Wonder (an xmas edition bath bomb) but after last night I can safely say it is one of the best bath bombs I have ever used! Too bad it’s limited edition. Buying home things is giving me way more satisfaction than going to my local Boots and buying lipsticks. Crazy times.

Below you’ll find both my video’s and you can subscribe here – I’m nearly at 500 subscribers and obv in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t a lot. However when I first started my sisters thought it was so silly so the fact that there’s a handful of you that come back and join me on this YT journey it’s really kinda cool.

Anywho – enjoy and don’t forget to leave a comment! 


Naturally pink

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New year means we’re trying to get our skin back on track. The MAC Ruby Woos go back into the lipstick draws and the lip-balms and creamy, glossy lipsticks start to make an appearance. Chanel Rouge coco shine is a brilliant formula, its nourishing with a decent amount of pigment. Even though I have a huge lipstick addiction I don’t really own that many from the coco shine line. I’m not a massive fan of glossy lipsticks, so investing in one would be slightly frivolous. See, there is some logic to my buying habits. Rendez-vous (86) is a lovely, pretty pink shade. One swipe and you have a full on glossy, but not sticky, pink pouty lips.


Concealing is everything. Without it I look like I’ve missed a years worth of sleep. Dark circles are part hereditary, part bad diet/lack of sleep. My ultimate mission is to find one product which does all. Too much to ask for? Maybe. I’ve mentioned before how amazing NARS creamy concealer is, but after almost a year of using it I’m starting to get really bored. So I’ve switched it up and the moment I am really enjoying MACs Prep & Prime highlighters. I have two – which may seem excessive but each one serves a purpose of its own. Bright Forecast provides my initially coverage, its a yellow/pinky undertone. It works well on its own, but I’m into the whole Kim K highlighting right now and Bright Forecast just doesn’t quite cut it. I apply Lightboost on top in order enhance under the eyes.

Bright eyes and pinky pouty lips, what else would a girl want?


Midaxi skirts

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New year, new seasons will begin to trickle in. Do you ever feel like old trends seem to make their way back in? We’ve seen Maxi skirts have their time in 2013 and midi’s were (are) huge too. But what if we combine them together? Here we have the midaxi (I think I totally made that word up…?)  the length of a maxi and shape of a midi. The ASOS piece shown below is the perfect example – it goes down the ankle whilst maintaining a midi form. I really love the print, very spring-esque and the quilted texture provides a premium feel. On the other hand we have a Miss Selfridges skirt which is more of a midi than a maxi but, if a 5’4 tall person (i.e me) was to wear it, the skirt would ultimately become more of a midaxi style. This would probably have been the xmas day/night skirt, however I think I will most likely get this to wear for the school prom. Side note, I love that as a 27years old I still get to shop for prom, and advise other girls too! Maybe I’ll do a prom dress post

Anywho, what do we think of the midaxi trend? Do we like it? Will it be the next big thing in 2015?  


ASOS Premium Maxi Skirt 

Miss Selfridge skirt


H & M Home

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Who knew H & M home was so nice?! Not only is it modern and chic, it’s also very affordable. However not all stores have a homeware section so you may be left searching online – which is what I have spent most of my morning doing. I’ve become a bit of H & M home cray and brought quite a bit, evidence is in my home haul video here. Hopefully I’ll be moving (again) and have a bigger place which inevitably means more space (for junk!) I created, shall we call it a mood board, with all the bits and pieces that are on my ‘to get’ list. Somehow really excited about the stapled goods pillow case and the mini plates. I’m hoping to keep lots of glass jars/vases together on a coffee table – maybe even store it on this gold tray? I usually stray away from gold, however the tray and gold basket really caught my eye and can see some good uses with it (use it to display makeup mainly!)

On another note, this cabinet from the Bourbon Vintage collection on that I blogged about is now on sale and I may have made a sneaky little purchase. I really don’t have any space to store it, may have to keep it at my mums till I move out – but I am extremely looking forward to getting it. Well and truly homeware obsessed – where do you love to shop for home bits?