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If you’re in further education, whether that’s university or college, you’ve done almost three months into the year. It might all be starting to get a bit much, the work over-load, late nights and the struggle of juggling a social life, work/uni life is all becoming a bit too real. A part of you may even consider giving up. I know I did.

I studied Architecture in 2009 – god that makes me feel old. In my last year of uni I was so close to giving it all up. Anyone studying within the arts would know it’s as much as it’s to do with talent and hard work, it’s also an unspoken competition. There is a lot of favouritism within certain lecturers/tutors. Probably not fair or right, but it happens. I clearly was not a tutor’s favourite, till this day I wonder why and what did I do to piss her off? There were comments from her ‘what are you doing studying Architecture? Have you ever thought of taking a fashion route?’ I wasn’t sure to feel flattered or insulted? Ever since I was 6 I decided I was going to study Architecture. Should you really be telling someone in their 3rd year of their degree that there chosen path – that they paid £3000 a year – was not for them? I was constantly put down in our one-to-one tutor sessions, hours of work was slayed. It’s safe to say that all of this left me feeling pretty crap and I was ready to quit. But this was my dream, to graduate as an Architect so I had to make changes. Now if you’re in a similar position where you feel like it’s time to give up, whether its college, university or work this may help.

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Time out;  take some time for yourself to just think about what is that you want to achieve – the long term plan. If its university – try and visualise putting on a gown and being proud of your achievements. If it’s work – imagine whether or not you want to excel within that field, is it fulfilling you? Being surrounded with people who seem like they’re on top of their game, whilst you’re trying to still get your shiz together, can make things worse. So pull yourself away from everything to just breathe.

positive 1

Prioritise; so you’ve got essays to write, deadlines to meet, may have social events coming up. All of it can be done if you organise your time. Schedule your working day – and it all sounds good but it means nothing if you don’t stick to the plan. If you say that you’re going to dedicate two hours on Friday evening, then that’s you have to do!

All-nighters; now if you’re nocturnal then all your creative juices will flow in the evening and that’s when you work at your most optimum level. I spent most of my uni time staying up late nights, but none of them would have been productive without pre-planning. Getting all my material and information together. Whether that’s reading material/research/references. Do some serious planning and organise your all-nighter.


Optimistic; do not put yourself down. When you see others excel whilst you’re still trying to catch on. You may start to feel deflated, but that will have a knock on effect on your self-confidence. Stay positive. If’s it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Reward yourself; I don’t think enough people do this, or maybe they do? Going to uni means a degree, but that’s 3 years down the line. I used to reward myself with a shopping trip or dining out. Whatever floats your boat – reward yourself for doing well. A pat on the back never hurt.

Despite everything if you are still feeling like it’s not for you and getting out is the answer for you then speak to someone for advice, whether that’s a university mentor, a parent, sibling, friend, or even a neighbour. Saying it out loud can help make it real and even if you don’t have a plan – it doesn’t matter. Sometimes the best things in life come unplanned.



ASOS | Black Friday

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Things that I want but London rent prices won’t allow me to buy. ASOS participates in the whole Black Friday shin-dig. (20% off – not that much off in my opinion) Personally I don’t agree with this whole black Friday nonsense. From what I’m aware of, it was a discounted event in America which took place after thanks-giving in order to get people back into gear to shop. Fair play. But England doesn’t celebrate Thanks-giving? Last year I saw some shops partake in the whole discount thing and it was pretty harmless and I even brought a few things in the beauty discount. But this year has been something else, websites crashed, people pushing/beating each other for a 40inch non branded, crappy TV. Is this the new boxing day?? Sales are crap, things from last season that shops are trying to get rid of.

Anywho back to the main focus of this post. My most lusted after ASOS picks.



Monki Fairsle jumper, a very Christmas appropriate, but I can see myself very easily wearing it into New Year and basically through-out however long English winter is going to be.

Mink-pink foil print jumper – I have been eyeing up a lot of metallic clothing – skirts, tops, jumpers. I love Mink-pink, the quality is awesome and everything I’ve brought from the range I have been able to wear it through-out the year.

Monki faded floral shirt – Spending majority of my time in a workshop, I’m constantly on the hunt for comfortable yet smart but slightly casual clothing. I feel like this shirt may be slightly sheer so a tank will be required.

ASOS Bien jumper I try and avoid buying slogan jumpers, they tend to go out of fashion very quick and I get bored of them. I’ve had this saved in my basket for a while and I keep coming back to it again – can’t really put my finger on why, it’s just so nice!

ASOS, would you kindly offer us a 30% so I can buy these things! Did you get anything this black Friday?


Next Home | Interior

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Who knew creating interior mood boards would be this satisfying, and it’s so nice to talk about something other than a lipstick (however standard lipstick posts will resume shortly) Today I bring to you my top picks from Next Home. Renting obviously means you can’t change your carpet or floorboards, so a way around it is to find a pretty little rug. I’ve been torn between the chevron print or the ‘house rules’ graphic print. Either way it’s going to be a monochrome choice.

The other bits are all furnishing items but must haves! A fur throw, much needed for winter. How adorable are these owl tea-light holders? A copper vase and a beautifully sculpted yet simple coffee table. Next home has a lot of chic and affordable household item to help turn a house into a home.


rug1 rug2 home1


Interior Wishlist

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My previous post mentioned the lack of flexibility when renting out in an inner London flat. I dream of living in  a high ceiling, wide rooms, long wide panel windows, apartment. Basically somewhere in the suburbs. Till then I’ll have to satisfy my urges by hours of online browsing and creating mental wish-lists. Not only are these items my most lusted after furnishings – they also require me to win the lottery / someone to hand me a lump sum of cash / or to suddenly get a massive promotion and earn 5 times what I do now.

If you browse through my Instagram you’d have seen that at the moment my place is pretty much decked out in Ikea – all white furniture helps the room to look slightly bigger and a lo brighter and whilst suffering from accute SAD I need to make sure I keep my place as bright as possible. But recently I have been loving wooden furniture with all the grains on show. Especially Apothecary chest draws – these are from ASDA George would you believe?



 Millingan desk             |               Apothecary cabinet

Atkin and Thyme is my new furniture hit-list, everything is contemporary and modern. I love the millingan desk – paired with a wide mirror going across would look amazing! I adore the coloured draws and the different handle combination work really well together. Clustered ceiling lights can look beautiful is set up in the right place. Copper and a white space and wooden furniture work really together – and the wired-cage design finishes off the look.


Kubrick wing back chair                              |                            Arcade cluster ceiling lights 

Lastly, made.com – the place where they cut all the crap and its straight from the designers. I could possibly get everything I want for a house from here. Accent chairs can really help brighten up the room and whilst I love muted shades, this rich berry colour with a white/grey fur would add a brilliant finish to the room. Where do you love to get furniture from?



Habitat Bookcase

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Renting out in an inner London is not only painfully expensive for a relatively small place, it allows you do very little in terms of interior. The landlord won’t allow us to put frames/shelves/mirrors up or paint. Although I did manage to paint some of the rooms white. I would go crazy living in a creamy yellow room. Seeing as I’m not allowed to put shelves up I had to find another suitable alternative. I have the KLAX from Ikea which provides decent amount of storage. However I had my eye on a leaning ladder shelf. I saw a French connection one a year ago and fell in love. But was I willing to part with £310? I did some online browsing and came across the Habitat range in Argos. Since when did Argos stock a trendy brand? I remember going through the Argos when I was younger and feeling immense joy.



French Connection Leaning Shelves       |         Habitat Jessie Wide Leaning Bookshelves

Anywho, they have a leaning ladder shelf which is pretty much similar at only £95 – and the best thing about Argos is that they always offer some form of discount, I managed to grab mine at £76. I’m still working on the décor so I will keep you updated on my layout. I have another interior design post coming up on the blog (more like a wish-list) so keep your eyes peeled.





To or not to Tattoo?

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Recently I have been getting an absolute burning urge to get inked. There’s an awesome tattoo shop that I drive past on my way home from work. And every time I go past, I drive just a little bit slower and peep inside. Since I was a kid I’ve loved tattoos. I think they’re a form of art, full sleeve ones, dainty ones – they’re all so beautiful! Some people get tattoos because they’re deep meaningful symbols, others get them because they are a form of art and they just simply like the symbol/image.

Is it weird that the thought of piercings freaks me the right out, but concept of ink getting injected into the skin makes me really excited.

Personally I think if you’re under 16 you shouldn’t be getting tattoo’s – you’re body hasn’t yet developed and 10 years down the line you may really hate it.

 Is it really worth the risk of waking up 10 years later with immense sense regret? Also, if you’re having an identity crisis then I don’t think a tattoo is the answer. The thinking of someone who is having a life-time crisis and makes an impulse decision of getting a tattoo to somehow find their identity? is way beyond me.

However if it is something that you’ve wanted and you’ve thought about it for a while, then go for it! With having years under my belt of wanting to get inked – I have some tips you may want to think about if you’re in the same boat as me.

  1. Get the image drawn on before you get it on permanently. Walk around it for a while, see if it suits you, does the placement look right? Is the right size, colour? Yes, even colour, I was advised to get a red ink tattoo as it would contrast well with tanned skin, and the artist was right, red against my skin-tone looks amazing.
  2. Find your artist – you really need to think about who will do it for you – finding an artist whose work you like is very important. Do your research – ask friends, heck even ask strangers! If you  see a stranger whose tattoo you love, ask them where they got it done. Most of the time people will love talking to you about it.
  3. If you walk into a tattoo salon, ask to see the artist’s work – it is your right. Every artist has their strengths, some are good at fonts, others may have skills in portraits, the list in endless so be sure to check what your artist has previously done.
  4. Discuss with the artist what you want – colours, size, placement, if possible take an image.
  5. Getting inked – you’ve booked your appointment, the day has come. What now? I would go alone. But that’s my preference. If you want to take someone, it must be someone you trust. This memory of getting tat’d will be with you for the rest of your life, do it with someone worth sharing it with. (This advice can apply for many things!) Eat before going, and take a bottle of water.
  6. You’re inked now. Congratulations! Aftercare is SO important – you must look after your new tattoo. There’s usually a cream & wash that the salon would give. Keep it clean, wash it every few hours and apply a cream.



Seeing as it is still something I’m umm-ing and aah-ing whether or not I should commit – also being afraid of my mum plays a huge factor -temporary tattoos will do for now. Do you remember the ones where we apply water on the back of the paper and the tattoos transfers on? Usually found in chewing gum packets. Nostalgic or what! Whilst on a trip to the Design Museum I found a pack of really cool tattoos from Tattly which are created by some amazing artists/designers. They almost look life like! I’m very impressed with the quality of these and the designs are so quirky and fun! So if you’re also considering a tattoo then I highly recommend checking these beauts out. I hope this helps some of you if you’re thinking of getting inked. Also send me pictures of your tattoo’s (real or fake) I love looking at what other people have.

Email : beautyclassyfied@gmail.com or tag me on twitter/instagram beautclassyfied


MAC | Rebel

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Season of berry-ful bold lips has truly kicked in. There are so many appealing colours that I almost find it overwhelming. I think that Hourglass opaque rouge in Empress is my go-to day to day bold lip. And as much as I love the colour offering there are two vices with this formula. It has a hassle to re-apply during the day and was insanely drying on my lips. At the moment I’m very much into shopping my stash – something to do with servicing my car, getting an MOT, getting re-insured all in one month has left me exploring make-up goods that I already own. My neglected MAC lipstick collection was first on my hit list, and oh my god! I have discovered so many new colours. Anyone else had a phase of buying an insane amount of MAC lipsticks? I swatched Mac Rebel was shocked that I’d never used it before. It’s a beautiful purple berry, looks quite dark in the bullet, but once swatched – due to the satin finish it can be sheered out to a wash of berry/plum tone.



There’s something about the scent of MAC lipsticks which I love! The colour was quite light for me (may be slightly dark for others) I wanted to amp it up a bit. I headed to MAC – I was actually after the liner Nightmoth to apply first and add on Rebel on top however the liner was out of stock so I opted for Current which I think even more beautiful than Nightmoth. The colour is a stunning dark purple colour. I am no expert on applying lip-liners nor do I really like them but the consistency of Mac liners are surprisingly soft and creamy yet matte. If you really wanted to, Current could be applied on its own for a bold matte lip however these days I quite like a satin finish, it gives me a stunning pout of a lip. Speaking of pouts – I have been toying with the idea of having lip fillers – current my lips are quite thin and since I was little I have always wanted slightly larger lips. I’m still playing around with the idea. The fact that it isn’t a permanent procedure makes me edge towards it a little bit more. What are your thoughts? Yay or nay to lip fillers?


Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask

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The only ever excuse I could ever give myself for buying this product is that I was getting married so I clearly needed it. That ‘reasoning’ has sort of left me screwed because once I finish the pot, I need to think of another decent excuse.
The OMOROVICZA deep cleansing mask was brought back in June. I was treating myself to products which would give me glowing skin, it’s the everyday aim. Anywho, some may say its stupid spending £57.00 on a clay mask, *I know, my bank balance weeps* especially when clay is one of the cheapest skincare ingredients out there. To be fair, I do agree. However there is definitely something different about this clay mask worth forking out the extra thousand pennies. The colour is a muted grey, consistency is a rich with creamy velvet feel. I make this sound like a cake. Not the usual sort of mask thickness where the product drags against your skin when applied. This almost feels like silk when you layer it onto the face. Once a thin layer is applied, it dries after 10mins but doesn’t feel tight. Which at first made me question the effectiveness of the mask. For some reason once something feels tight I automatically assume it’s doing something. With Omorovicza deep clay mask you need to get rid of this misconception because there is no skin tightening sensation going on here. After 10/15mins I wash the product off – I usually dampen some cotton pads with warm water and wipe away. It prevents me from splashing excess water onto the skin and those of you in London will be aware how nasty our water is. Now in the summer I didn’t love this, used it a couple times and it mattified my normal skin, didn’t wow me as much as my Glam-glow mud mask.


Fast forward 4 months, the colder weather has kicked in and my skin has gotten so much tighter and sensitive. Instinct told me to get this out and give it a 2nd chance, who was I to defy my gut feeling? I’m so glad I used Omorovicza deep cleansing mask again. There’s a healing quality in the product where it soothes and deep cleanses simultaneously. It’s definitely a splurge kind of product and I would highly recommend it to someone who has either oily/combination and sensitive skin. It will mattify and soothe without striping any natural oils. Me and the husband are both fans of a good mask pamper sesh – it’s our Sunday routine. Rock’n’roll. However this is one product I have totally banned him from using purely due how expensive it is!  I do use it sparingly, a 10p size all over the face. Omorovicza has got me intrigued and I think I need want try the Omorovicza cleansing balm. Any thoughts?

If you want to splash to out Omorovicza Cleansing mask – it’s available from my fav online beauty store Cult Beauty.


Life rambles

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It’s been a while since I last did a blog-post. With life getting super hectic, work has taken priority and with the full moon out I just felt a bit blah. I’m sat here now, Sunday evening, with lessons all planned for the week, nails done, hair washed, candle lit, ice-cream scoffed, TOWIE playing in the background – all ready to write a post.

But I’m not really sure what to write, I’m not in the mood to talk beauty, so let’s talk life.

I turned 27 on Saturday, firstly odd numbers freak me out. Totally not weird. Secondly, I realise that in 3 years I will be 30. This is where sheer panic mode kicks in. By now I thought I would be super successful, with kids, a big house. You know, nearly every girls dream. When you’re little you want nothing more than to grow up and when you’re older you just a Bernard’s watch to slow down time.

Getting older reminds me of how much I miss the old days. I miss being able to buy an ice-lolly for 20p on the way home from Primary school in the summer. I miss panda pops. I miss Jolly Ranchers. I miss playing hop-scotch. I miss going to park and sitting on the swings. I miss my only worry being getting home to watch my favourite cartoon.

I was also thinking about plans. When we’re babies our parents/carers set goals for us, we then grow up and set plans, which are usually determined by what society deems right, like going college/uni, getting a job. And then when you’re at my age, you try and aim for things like mortgage’s and/or move up in the career ladder. When do we ever stop to think about what IS life? I want to fill my life with experiences, things that I can look back on and think ‘I’m so glad I did that…’ I’m going to create a bucket list, 10 things I want to do before I’m 30.

Every year I go through a phase where on my birthday I have this burning urge to cut my hair shoulder length. However this year the urge is not going away and I think something needs to be done pronto. My mum will  most probably kill me, but hair grows and at the moment my (way past the breast area) long hair is just getting on my nerves, due to the length it’s lost the volume – I think tomorrow morning I’ll book an appointment.

Now onto the YouTube from, I have been experimenting with my editing skills, I say skills but what I really mean is making sure I cut/edit in all the right places. I love editing, the whole process is so satisfying. You check out the video’s here.


Finally, I think I want a baby. Biggest decision ever maybe? I don’t know how long it will take me. I always had this dreaded fear that I won’t be able to conceive. Partly why I put off getting married for so long. Having my nephew made me realise no amount of handbags, makeup, or any other possession can compare against the love you have for a little human being. My heart aches when I don’t see him. His one smile reminds me, ‘everything will be okay’. It’s love on a whole new level. I’m not going to get a family planning kit or anything. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

That’s my little life ramble. Beauty rambles shall shortly resume.