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My relationship with my nephew is more like mother & son as opposed to aunty/nephew. I won’t go into lots of detail, but my sisters delivery wasn’t a normal one. She prepared more then anyone I know, watched tons of birthing videos, practiced positions. everything possible – she did. But things didn’t turn out as she planned. After her complications, she became fragile and weak. Mum, youngest sister and I took care of him like a mother would. Post natal depression is severe, and i honestly think there needs to be  more support for women. Shaan (nephews name) has brought my family together in a way that nobody else ever could. I wanted to share some of the photos of his OOTD. My blog is my diary of thoughts and this may not be of anyone’s interest but I really wanted to document it. I love buying baby clothes, everything is so much cuter when it’s smaller. Top placed to shop, ZARA, H&M, Baby Gap, Next, Asda.

note: below is very picture heavy…

2 IMG_8273 IMG_8248 IMG_8256

IMG_8188 IMG_8218 Untitled-1 IMG_8338

3 IMG_8446 IMG_8424


Video | October Favourites

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This month has evidently been a month of changing up all my skincare. It’s getting colder (although, not that cold  – slightly fearful of globalisation) so I’m bringing out heavy duty balms and oils. I feel like after my LUSH indulgence I’ve almost forgotten about skincare. October favourites are full of all the things I have been re-discovered and some new beauty bits. It’s definitely a skincare fuelled on. On another note: One more weekday left till the half-term break. Where has the week gone? Before every break I always seem to compile a list of all the things I will get done, normally I’m quite good – this week hasn’t been productive. So I’ve been up at 8am, hoping to get shiz done, and I am still in bed. Go figure.


Really hope you enjoy my October favourites, don’t forget to thumbs up.




Lips | Prep & Prime

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Bring out ye’ bold, berry lips. I love the autumn/winter for makeup – perfect time for me to bring out some of my old burgundy shades which have been feeling quite neglected for some time. However, piling on lipsticks means that you need to give those lips some TLC. We exfoliate our skin, body, hand – then my not lips? It’s an essential step which removes dead skin cells.

My husband was bugging me for the longest of times, to buy the LUSH lip sugar scrub, he heard good things about it, (from who, I don’t know) and when shopping for my bath products, I picked it up for him. Quite naturally I used it too. I picked up the mint flavoured one, it’s quite unisex, tastes pretty darn good too.  On damp lips I apply the smallest amount and scrub away for a couple of minutes.

Do not go overboard – it can leave your lips super sore if you do it too aggressively.

Wash away the sugar particles, or eat it? But then you’d be eating exfoliated skin too…err…

And your lips are now prepped, next step…prime:

I have tested and tried a lot of lip balms in the past and I’ve finally decided on my HG one. Nuxe Reve de miel. This is just £7.50 worth of pure goodness. A honey based lip balm, which is creamy yet matte and incredibly moisturising. I apply a generous layer at night time and a thinner layer during the day. Let’s bring in the lipstick, Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Empress. I’ve spoken about this here. The perfect A/W shade, a stunning dusky rose with hints of burgundy – I am yet to find a dupe. Together these three musketeers will serve me well during the winter months. What is your ultimate A/W lipstick shade? (Other than 107 Rimmel please)



48 Hours in Paris

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I visited the magical city known as Paris almost 8 years ago, as a budding architect student, ready to weep in all the glory the city had to offer. I was naïve and young – and hadn’t really travelled much. I did all the tourist things of course, went up the Eiffel tower, took the boat across the river, visited the Louvre, it was love. I fell in love with the city, the vibe. I was walking around the streets, staring in awe at the buildings. Fell in love with the street music, the fresh smell of crepes. It was all pretty glorious.

 I visited again, 8 years later, as a grown married women. Someone who has travelled more, has general more life experience. Paris didn’t seem all that magical anymore. It’s like when you go to watch a play, the first time it’s all glorious because you don’t really know any better, second time round is a whole other ball game. You spot the flaws. Similar situation here.

Apart from Notre Dame which I found to be super peaceful, everything else seemed to be a money exploiting business. The number of homeless people/families on the streets has for sure increased. Seeing a baby of no older then my nephew who is 8months, being wrapped up by his mum whose sleeping outside Gard de Nord made me feel sick to my stomach. People sleeping in the metro stations. It was like I’ve stepped into a 3rd world country. Metro is not what I remember it as. It used to be a buzzing place, with music being played, people happy and smiling. 8 years later, the trains are in a state, broken chairs and graffiti everywhere. What has happened to Paris in 8years?!

Locals have even found a way to not pay for their travels by jumping over the ticket barrier (okay, maybe I should try that one in London) it was really sad to see a city that I once loved now seems like a distant memory. It makes me question what foreigner deems London to be, do we have the same issues, because I see it every day it doesn’t stand out to me as much? Is London soon heading that way too?

Please don’t let my post put you off of Paris, it is still an awesome city with great architecture. You can pretty much walk everywhere, the city is quite small and all main tourist sites are closely packed together. If you go autumn season then wrap up and wear comfy shoes. Converse are not comfortable shoes.   A must-go to place is St Germaine, there’s something quite arty about it with lots of chic little cafes.  Monmarte is awesome if you want to see a breath-taking view of what Paris looks like from above. Climb up to the top of the steps and sit. Breathe. Take in the beauty of being  in a busy yet peaceful place. Lastly if you get the chance, definitely visit Versailles – it’s a beaut of a train journey, you get to see the real suburbs of Paris which is where I would want to live.

I re-did the touristic shiz, (as you do) and husband isn’t into the art, he’s patient for sticking with me whilst I ‘ooo’d’ and ‘aaaa’d’. Whilst going through my SD card I realised I’ve taken a lot of random pictures. I was aiming to capture images which weren’t tourist-esque yet of touristy things at the same time. Does that make any sense at all?

I do massively regret not taking my SLR with me, these are all taken from a point and shoot Canon camera.


ssss IMG_4149 Untitled-2 Untitled-1

IMG_4098 Untitled-3 IMG_4232 IMG_4235 IMG_4238

IMG_4085 IMG_4051


IMG_4210  d

IMG_4015 s


Wild Rose Beauty Balm

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When you want a 100% organic/natural product with highest quality ingredients, only one name comes to mind, Neals yard. I dabbled into the brand in my early teens, can’t remember the exact name of the product but it was orange scent based scrub. Absolutely divine. Recently it’s been a full-on affair with the Wild Rose Beauty Balm. I initially brought it to function as your typical balm product – you know, the product which is used for the first cleanse to remove the makeup – however, this doesn’t work like your typical beauty balm. Heavily scented (all natural) the Wild Rose Beauty Balm is quite a thick consistency which takes some working into the skin. It’s definitely a second cleanse kind of product, it draws out the impurities like no other balm I’ve tried. It soothes the skin and moisturises. With the colder months kicking in, this couldn’t have come at a better time – ultra soothing and moisturising.



Technique: I use my Bioderma water to remove eye-make and around the face – as the first removal process, take a small amount of Wild Rose beauty balm, massage into the face for two minutes – at this point it feels slightly thick, bring in the warm, moist cotton pads (feel free to alter this to a muslin cloth) wipe away and voila. Two things will happen, 1) you will notice a lot of grime on your cotton pad – realisation of how much dirt we collate during the day. 2) Your skin will be left feeling so hydrated and fresh. It’s pretty much good skin in a bottle. It’s refreshing to know that you’re using a product with no nastiness, only goodness which nature has to offer. It’s definitely going to be my winter skin saviour. Highly recommend for someone between dry-normal-combination skin types. However I do question it for oily skin types due to its richness.

The one and only downer is that this isn’t a self-preserving product, which basically means it has a limited shelf-life, 3months to be exact. And as I’m only using the smallest amount, I fear that a lot of it will go to waste come 3 months down the line. Does anyone use a balm in their morning skincare routine? I only use this as my night time product and  my skin is left smelling so nice that even the husband comments on it – now that’s saying something. I am massively impressed with Neals Yards’ offering – what do I need to pick up?

Wild Rose Beauty Balm – available here.


Eyeliner | Make-Up Forever Aqua

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The art of applying a perfectly winged eyeliner seems to be something I and 1000 other women struggle with. Can I get an amen? However these seem to be the better days because of two star products. My love for the L’Oreal superliner pen seems to grow each time I use it, I’ve spoken about it here. A fine nib which doesn’t bend, has a good even flow of product and doesn’t flake when layered, it also doesn’t dry up as quickly as the soap and glory pen. There was only one problem with this, the longevity of the formula – it only seems to last for about a good 5-7 hours on my oil-prone eyelids, during the day it would begin to lose some colour. I was in need of something smudge-proof, water-proof, bullet-proof (ok, not the last one – but you get the gist) MakeUp Forever always delivers the goods when it comes to high-end quality products. It is a professional make-up artist range after all (does that even mean anything in today’s market though? A whole other subject matter here) I picked up the MakeUp Forever Aqua Black eye-shadow pot, the suggested use is to create the perfect, long lasting smoky eye by building up layers. I’ve decided to use this as an eyeliner pot, by dipping in my L’Oreal pen and creating an (almost even) winged eyeliner.


After a week’s wear 12+hours at a time, I can safely say that this is the darkest product I have ever come across, the pigment intensity is incredible. It’s also very creamy, glides on like a dream and once set, that’s it – the product will not budge and this is where the heavy duty-cleansers come into place. There’s a good couple minutes to play around with it to get that eyeliner just right. It’s not the cheapest offering out there (17.95), it’s cheaper than the likes of brand such as Chanel - MakeUp Forever gives you a higher quality end product. (Sometimes you are only paying for the brand – again a whole other topic) MAC Fluid-line in Blacktrack offers something similar but it can’t be layered – I found that the MACs offering gets flaky and picks off, as well as the product in the actual pot begins to dry out. Maybelline, gel eyeliner pot – a concept dupe but doesn’t have near enough longevity or intensity.  I haven’t found anything else which matches up to the quality of the MakeUp Forever Aqua, unfortunately it isn’t easily available in the UK (sort it out MUF) if you’re around in London then head down to Guru Makeup Emporium or PAM who stock Make up forever range. I may have coveted to MakeUp Forever products – let this be vol.1 of a MUF…


OOTD | Messy Prints

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Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-1 IMG_8135 


I seem to have collated a huge collection of formal-ish skater style dresses and for some reason I keep them to the side for ‘special’ occasions…you know, like parents evening or an observation. However I seem to be layering a lot these days – currently I am obsessed with clashing prints. This Topshop dress layered with a baggy Minkpink jumper. The dress is slightly on the shorter side, for a 5’5 girl my legs are quite long. Blessing and curse, ultimately it means these dresses come up slightly shorter. I did have a Marylin  Monroe moment in the car-park today. The wind was CRAY. The jumper – let’s just address it…It’s so abstract and colourful -  I love it. Minkpink has some awesome pieces., I always seem to be stalking their collection on ASOS and Urban Outfitters. Honestly though, I wish I was more of a monochrome blogger – every-time I try and wear in the white/black  shades I end up throwing in lots of colour. If you have a dress laying around  which doesn’t get much use out of – try layering it. What’s  your AW fashion tip?


Lush Haul

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I have become one of those Lush obsessed people. literally made 3 trips in the last couple of weeks. I just love having ‘downtime’ and their bath bombs are filled with absolute goodness  – they’re all natural and hand-made which just a bonus. I was always put off by Lush because it was just so overwhelming – so many products to choose from, but the hauls really helped me narrow it down to things I would like and wouldn’t like. Here are some of my favourite things :



Bridal henna

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Slightly different post, I wanted to share something that I am massively passionate about (other than my family and blogging) and that is my flare for henna. For those of you that don’t know, henna (also known as mehndi) is a natural paste, when applied, left to dry, it crumbles off and leave a brown/red/orange stain.  Normally done by Asians/Arabs on wedding or celebratory events.

 Let me give you a bit of a back story, when I was about 8/9years old – I really wanted mehndi on my hands, it was Eid. My mum took me to this bazaar/fair place, I got mine done by a lady, after a week the colour wore off and I was so sad. My mum was way more distraught then I because she couldn’t re-do it for me. My mum is and has always been a very technical & practical person but has never tried the creative spectrum of things. Few years later, I was 13, my mum was going to take us sisters to someone’s house (a family friend, not a stranger –that would be weird) to get our henna done. She said ‘why don’t you learn’ and that was it, something in my clicked – I brought a cone from a local asian shop – and drew every single day. I taught myself everything I know about henna. Shading, line thicknesses, patterns – the lot.

Untitled-2 Untitled-3 IMG_8032

I have two vices, I cannot copy for the life of me and I can’t repeat my pattern – so I can do similar designs, but I will never make it 100% same. Recently I have been quite lucky and have worked on a few brides for their henna. They have loved the results and it’s just massively satisfying.

A bride takes about 4hours, I talk to the bride about what she want as I design, make changes to match her dress/jewellery. It’s the little things that count. Till now, I have been working through word of mouth, and brides often have lots of questions. Personally I always think it’s best to know the artist background. I haven’t been trained by anyone – just a girl who loves to design.

Due to the large number of people contacting me, I wanted to create a page where I can refer clients to, also give you a little insight into a little another part of my life.


Oribe glory

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How this has happened I have no idea, but I have somewhat accumulated a reasonable collection of Oribe products - and I’m completely obsessing over them. I tried to put off buying anything from Oribe for so long, mainly because it was so expensive – I tested out an endless amount of high street products and honestly nothing compares. Lets start with my first dabble into the range… The dry texturizing spray is a volumising spray which gives your hair double volume and lift. It also has some what a dry shampoo effect, but not one which leaves your hair feeling powdery or product fuelled. This is my second bottle of the stuff. It aches me admit this, but it deserves a true HG status. Not really sure what is in the bottle, but it works. I am now rocking 70′s big boofy hair.


Surfcomber mousse was my second purchase, and one which I have a lot of respect for. I have ridiculously curly/frizzy hair, people often mistake me for having a perm. I can assure you that is not the case. My mane is full, thick and curly, I reckon it’s got a little summin’ to do with the fact that my mum kept shaving my  heard till I was 1. With all that being said I need a product which will tame my frizz whilst keeping my curls in place. This little beauty does the job…

You have to shake this bottle a lot a lot, otherwise you will be left with a watery residue. One pump gives you enough for your hair – my video here explain how to use it. When I think of mousse I think of wet, stiff curls. Not with the Surfcomber mousse, I’m left with soft, defined curls, tousled hair. Life saviour. It has made me love my curls so much more and made it a lot easier for me to maintain them. If you’re not into potions and lotions for curly hair and don’t want the faff, then this ones for you.

Now when it comes to day 3 of not washing your hair, the curls – quite naturally – begin to slack. In order to energise them and get them looking fresh and full of life, I use Après Beach spray a light spritz gives my hair day 1 curls. This is my newest purchase, so I am still trialling it, however so far I do really like it. More on this one to come…

I would like to say that these are Genies in a bottle, however I am intrigued - Is there anything else from Oribe that I really need?

The Oribe range is available at spacenk.com