Video | September favourites

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This was undoubtedly a Lush fuelled month. I have been buying and trialling loads of stuff – so there’s a few keepers that I found.

I was doing so well (in my opinion) in making videos, you know, confidence was growing, but I feel like I went back to step one in this video – despite all of that I hope you enjoy this video!

argan oil 1

Hair | Argan oil

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I’ve spoken about Argan oil a few times, this time I focus on Argan Dew, a line which produce the highest quality of Argan oil products. You can always tell the quality of the oil by checking the consistency of the oil – the thicker, the better. I apply two pumps on the ends on damp hair and it helps to maintain the frizz and give defined/waves and curls. My hair feels and looks a lot healthier – and as you will be able to tell in the video I dye my hair. Also a frequent user of heat -  so this is a great gem to the rescue. I love this product, definitely going to get the mask to give my hair some extra TLC.

Argan oil

Argan oil is an amazing oil for the hair – you can also get the pure stuff for all over the body. If you’re ever in Morocco make sure hunt the stuff down – if not, its available here.

I have super unruly hair, so I’ve got a simple routine with 4 products. I hope this video gives you a little insight how to tame a curly/wavy mane.

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Results | GCSE

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I wanted to do a post on this subject matter for a while, but I’ve spent the last 6weeks or so just trying to make sense of it all in my own mind.

I’m going rewind to the beginning so that you get a better understanding of where I’m coming from.

I graduated as an Architect whilst working for big skincare company 5years ago, both very different but extremely creative. Whilst studying I did some work exp. in a firm, not really enjoying it and decided to try my hand on different things whilst maintaining a part time job with the skincare company. I think working there made me into this passionate, target driven person. It also helped that I genuinely loved all the products. I somehow made my way into teaching. Left my skincare job aside and immersed everything I have into my teaching career. If you don’t know already, I teach Graphics, resistant materials (better known as CDT or woodworks?) in a secondary school. And despite how challenging it can be at times, I honestly love what I do.

But it isn’t just about going into school and teaching what you love. There are targets to be met. And as with any job, you look at some individual targets and question ‘really…?‘ But as a teacher you never stop trying, or stop believing that every young child will meet a target grade which was set for them when they were 9, because hormones have nothing to do with a child’s developments and their life will continue for them at the same pace as it did when they were a child.

As a realist, I know that out of the 26 that choose Graphics as a GCSE, most will probably not take it further into A levels, but I want them to learn skills that they will enjoy and take forward with them in life.

Having target driven attitude driven into me at a young age meant that I was going to do everything in me to ensure that they were able achieve their target grade. I was lucky enough to be working with students that were hard-working and determined and fed off of my passion for the subject, which resulted into 95% pass in coursework. Successful? Not quite, that was 2/3 or their final grade. Students also had to pass a written exam to pass their final GCSE.


Let’s see the bigger picture here, most of these students had very weak literacy skills. The entire exam is a written exam. Do you see the dilemma? As a team we worked hard. After school revision, Saturday sessions. It was an intense 6months. Result? 50% out of that 95% didn’t make it. Result day, I was shattered. All that hard work we put in, 2years of work. Gone. we could say, perhaps the students didn’t try enough, revision should have started earlier. But I know they tried, we went through revision material several times. So where did it all go wrong?

Evaluation is probably the key to success, you see what you could improve on, focus on that and try harder second time round. But what do you do when these students don’t have a second chance? It makes me question the system. Is the examination system fair? A student who is able to produce an amazing product but unable to write in exam conditions, but when spoken to is very good at explaining. Do they not deserve a pass mark?

I was left feeling demotivated and basically really crappy. And it made me question the worth of an exam…does it really show the capability of a student? Especially when it comes to a creative subject. I questioned myself, because ultimately it’s me who is delivering, perhaps my methods need to change. I’m currently in the process of changing up revision material. Hoping it will make a difference. Whether or not it changes anything I’m sat here thinking, does the system need to change?


Nars matte multiple| Contour

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Contouring seems like it was a thing that only make-up artists really knew how to do. At the speed of light, with brilliant tutorials, everyone seems to be contouring. It’s becoming a lot easier to access the top tips of the trade. It’s not only contouring though, it’s all make-up isn’t it? Hell, most of my make-up choices for my wedding day were from a heap load of YT tutorials. Anywho, I digress. Onto the actual subject in matter – contouring.  What is it? A form of painting I like to call it – an art where dark and light tones are used to create light & shadow on the face.

There are so many techniques and products. Oh the choices. I just want to keep it simple – considering I have a max. of 15mins to apply makeup in the morning I need a super simple routine. 

Like most contouring tutorials – have your foundation done – I normally pop on my concealer too. Now the question is, what to contour with – do we want powder or cream? It’s really all about experimenting – the more products you try, you’ll begin to find your comfort zone. Personally I don’t like powder contouring – I feel like I begin to lose control to where I apply it.

I’ve experimented with Nars Matte Multiple in Cappadoce it’s a nice creamy matte formula.

C3 C2 C5

I use 5 swipes – keepin’ it simple (that’s probably my life moto) sides of the nose, temple, just below the cheekbone. – I use a real techniques buffing brush to buff it into the skin and create a subtle shadow. With any cream formula there’s always a lot of continuous blending required as the lines can be quite harsh. The pictures show the subtle difference it makes, I have pretty much become addicted to this little technique.

The Nars Matte Multiple can be used dry or wet – when you use it wet you get a vivid shade. I use mine dry in the morning and it’s quite effortless to blend and create a nice, gentle shadow.


I’ve always wanted to the Anastacia contour powder kit – has anyone else tried it?


Aromachologie | L’occitane

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Who doesn’t love a good body scrub? Colder, darker days is the time when I begin to switch up my bath products and when I came across this I just knew I was going to love it. The L’occitane Aromachologie range is new range – one which is used in their spas.

l5 loc1 l6

Firstly, let’s talk about the packaging –it is stunning, I love these style pots, there’s an antique/vintage look about it which I adore. The scent is 100% natural, it’s just good to know you’re not using anything with additives or preservatives. It is by far the most luxurious feeling scrub I have ever used. The sugar crystals make it intense so its best used once a week. The essential oils leave my skin feels so moisturised – it literally feels as if I have walked out the spa. There are a few more products from the Aromachologie range that I want to try…*looking at you Mr Shower gel*

Slightly TMI for this post, but if I don’t exfoliate I usually get ingrown bumps on my legs, and need to give my body some TLC with exfoliating gloves. Since using this scrub I’ve not used my gloves. For £22.00 it’s not the cheapest but if you want quality then L’occitane is your best bet. If you’re a regular reader of BeautyClassyfied then you’ll know how much I love L’occitane and their products. I’m going to leave an overview of my favourite products so far;

Shea Butter Hand Cream

L’occitane Shower oil


Be gone bags | Brush-on glow

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Over two weeks into teaching and the dark circles/tired looking eyes are starting to reappear and I whole heartedly welcome them. I love my job, its immensely fulfilling and I probably teach one of the coolest subjects out there. But I have to look the part – all fresh and awake instead of someone who has been up till 12am planning lessons. These little gems have been an absolute god send.


 Let’s start with the star of the show, Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-on Glow bb highlighter, first introduced to me by my sister – she is just as much as a concealer addict as me. Probably our only similarity in makeup choices. I was pretty content with my Amazing concealer (quite literally) but then I saw this gold tube sat on the dressing table and I couldn’t resist. I patted a small amount around the eye area and I was massively impressed. Think Touché Eclat but 10x better. It brightens and conceals too. It feels ultra-light but has great concealing qualities. I’ve brought the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation, which wasn’t for me (partially due to not having the right colour matched) however the brush-on glow BB highlighter does me wonders. It’s a highlighter without a) having the Kim K effect (so over the top for the daily wear in my opinion) and b) doesn’t have the whole glitter-ness that you would expect a highlighter to have. As the name suggests it comes in a brush pen. Twist the top, just dab and apply.

I was never into putting eyeliner on the inner rim on the eye – something about poking the inside of my eye really freaks me out. With that being said, during the summer I faced my fears and shopped my stash using Smoulder by MAC and fell in love with the whole inner eye liner look. I was on the hunt for a Nude inner eyeliner to counteract the tired-eye redness. Rimmel Scandal eyes in Nude was just the thing. This one was so incredibly hard to get hold of. I think I went to around 10 Boots to try and track this down. Finally it was mine. It applies so effortlessly – really soft and creamy formula.

These two combined with my By Terry Cover expert, leaves me looking like I’ve had 8 hours sleep. I have been told that my skin looks glowing and I look really fresh. I definitely put it down to these two products.

A little side note on the job – as demanding as it is, I thoroughly enjoy what I do. Every day is a new lesson for me as much as it for the students. It’s incredibly fulfilling to know that I am shaping and forming the minds of youths, teaching them the joys and possibilities in design as well ensuring they develop into mature, young adults. Each student has a story/background of their own and being able to tailor your approach and teaching towards every individual is challenging but rewarding. I love that I inspire students to be creative and explore their inner designer. I’m going to stop my ramblings there…currently waiting for an ASOS order, haul soon?


Estee Lauder Double Wear Brush-on glow BB Highlighter - Available here

Rimmel ScandalEyes in Nude – Available here


Video | 101 Highlighters

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Last year my most coveted makeup item was a dark vamp lipstick, this resulted to owning over 50 shades of wine red. This year I have been obsessed over highlighters -  the shimmery, the better – on the verge of plastering glitter on my face. I thought I’d gather the crème de le mer of what I own and give a little run down. Maybe create some inspo for your winter look? A little glow goes a long way…

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to leave comments/suggestions down below.




OOTD | Topshop Head to toe

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Coincidently everything worn today are TOPSHOP items – it very rarely happens that everything is from one store. here it goes, an ode to the king of high street fashion…


164 161 165 168

 I wore a Topshop pencil skirt in the most vibrant safari print. Now I don’t feel entirely comfortable in pencil skirt, especially these days with gaining a lb by the minute. My metabolism has drastically slowed down. No longer are the days where I can chow down a pizza late nights and not worry about the effects the next morning. My white top is slowly turning a grey shade – how do we keep our whites really white? The top is long from the back and short at the front, and with the side hem coming up as the same length as a crop top – it hides all the right things in all the right places.

The black chunky gladiators have pretty much been on trend since I brought  then last A/W – comfortable and add a little bit height which is totally appropriate for work. Topshop was my go-to shopping place last A/W – I’m expecting good things this season – where are you heading to shop this A/W?


OOTD | Grey & Neutral

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 I hate waking up feeling exhausted from an eventful dream, nothing to do with this post but just really wanted to share it. My outfit today was so simple and super comfortable. Initially I wasn’t going to blog about it, but everyone kept saying they liked the whole ensemble so here it is…

IMG_7867 IMG_7856 Untitled-2

3 IMG_7856


An old chino baggy style Topshop Boutique Trousers, they were brought in the sale quite a few months ago. The top is a cute, sleeveless high neck bow print top. Another old number from New Look. A couple people said it reminded them of a print from Free People. My favourite part of this whole outfit was the Miss Selfridges leather arm blazer – I brought it a couple years ago from Miss Selfridge, I still love it as much as I used to back then. I’m rummaging through my wardrobe and have fallen in love with so many old items. I probably will be creating a Depop tonight and putting up things I can’t wear anymore due to me bumping up from size 6 to 10. I have a River Island blazer I wore once and brought for £60, that’s definitely going up. I’m obsessed with these mule style sandals so comfortable and work appropriate – even for someone running around a workshop!


Side note : I wanted to top-up on the blueness on my hair and I’m not overly excited about it. I used the BLEECH LONDON dye and I pretty much loved the green in my hair. The whole process is quite messy, I’m on my third wash now and every time I end up getting my white towels coloured all blue. Currently I’m feeling the urge to cut my hair shorter – shoulder length short. Somebody restrain me!

How was your Monday?