Conceal #2

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I thought I would hit a topic which seems to be quite reoccurring on the blog – concealers! I bloomin’ need them! Can’t be without my concealer, the view is not pretty – so I’ve pretty much summed up my history of concealers here. I’ve talked about the longest affair, the best and the worst. (more…)


Video | July Favourites

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Eid Mubarak all!

It’s my last Eid celebrating as a Miss – which strangely enough was quite emotional for me. I decided to take my mind off things and film a video. There are a lot of things I have  been loving this month. Nars is pretty much on top of my favourites list. Soap and Glory cosmetics is on my shopping list.





Unflattering to flattering

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Myth by MAC – the most coveted lipstick in #bblogger town. Yet the most unflattering on Asian skin tone. As my sister likes to say, it makes me look like a dehydrated zombie. I brought it because everyone had it. *hides face in shame* there wasn’t any real use for it – until now. I think anyone of an olive skin tone who has brought a lipstick that is a shade or two light will be able to sympathise, and this will probably help you!



Packing my life| OOTD

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 blue1 blue3 blue 2


This a no makeup, hair in a top knot sorta OOTD. Let’s keep it real. I’m home all day, this is rare that I’ve gotten into something other than my pjs.

I don’t think I will ever become comfortable when taking photo’s. I either look down, up, sideways. Every unflattering angle that you could possibly think of. Today I spent most of my time clearing out my wardrobe/packing for my move in two weeks. 2 suitcases later, I still have to pack a crap load of stuff. I didn’t anticipate how much s**t I have accumulated and the realisation of what a hoarder I am is pretty shocking. Working in school for almost 4 years means that I no longer own THAT many jeans or weekend wear, as most of my weekends I spend in my pjs. Today I decided to get changed – a shirt from Topshop which I LOVE. Suprisingly it’s from the tall section but fits so nicely. and these jeans were brought 3 years ago from River Island, back then they were extremely baggy but after putting on a couple of stone, they sit really nicely. So, my question to you all, how do we minimise the stuff we collect over the years?  I can’t seem to let go of my Year 11/college/uni portfolio. 

Shirt – Topshop (tall section)

Jeans – River Island

Shoes – Birkenstocks


New beginnings

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At the tender age of 26 I’m finally moving out of my parents place into my very own. In Asian (Pakistani) culture, it’s not really the norm to move away from your family unless you’re married. And even then you move away from your family, you end up going into another, still never actually being on your own. However we (me and the Mr.) are moving away from both families. Just the two of us. In our little flat. It’s massively overwhelming for several reasons;

  1. I have never lived away from home ever. I’ve lived an extremely pampered life (here’s where you will begin to hate me…) my bed is always made for me when I come home, I always have a fresh meal every day, washing is always done, ironing is always done, break-fast is always served. Yes. It’s been a good life.
  2. I have never lived with the Mr. ever! It’s just not the done thing in our culture. Which I guess why some Asian marriages end up in resentment because you don’t really get to see what the person is like 24/7. That in itself scares me to death.
  3. Going back to point no.1, because of my sheltered life I don’t know really know how to use simple appliances like the oven/washing machine.

It’s definitely going to be a life-changing and maturing summer. I am looking forward to it, but very anxious at the same time. One of the many plus sides of moving out is furnishing your humble abode the way you want. I like my current room, but I haven’t changed it since I was 12? Wow, that’s a long time ago. So home ware shopping suddenly has become my new thing.

I present my huge home haul – going for a shabby chic/Parisian vibe here.

Home sense, Ikea, Next Home were some of the first places I have hit – where else can I find good home buys?



Monochrome animal print

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Untitled-2 Untitled-1 Untitled-5 TOP FEET 

Summer holidays is here, which means no waking up at 6am. I can spend more time blogging/vlogging. For the past week I’ve woken up at 10am and had breakfast at 12pm. So this is how the other half live? Spending most of the time in my pj’s I haven’t really dressed up. But yesterday I decided to make an effort, and I found these two pieces. The crocodile print Topshop box t-shirt. I love that it’s black and the embossed skin print just slightly pops out. These ZARA cow print trousers are incredibly comfortable and light-weight, perfect for the unprepared heat-wave we’re having at the moment. (This picture was taken right after the storm.)

These black Birkenstocks were brought way before they were even popular! They’re a complete marmite thing – you either love them or you hate them. I have and always will love them. I added this gorgeous statement necklace from New-look. I’ve had an on/off affair with statement jewellery, currently its a love mode. A monochrome outfit – with a twist.

Top – Topshop

Trousers- Zara

Statement necklace – New Look

Sandals – Birkenstocks





Video | Eid Inspired Gold Eyes

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So I worked on a small make-up tutorial – I am not a make-up artist, so I like to make eye looks super simple and easy to do! I really hope this is easy to follow…


Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to like and comment too!


blog discoveries

6m+ discoveries

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After just over 6months of blogging I want to review things.

Stuff that that I didn’t expect to find during this little hobby and what is useful to know. They (the unknown) say that 6months is the make or break and if you give up – it will most likely be after 6months. As it stands now, I’m enjoying it a lot!

  • Originality is rare – the main reason I started blogging was because I wanted to share my favourite lipstick/foundation – however what I failed to realise that there are 6566332432 number of bloggers who are also loving the same lipstick and given their opinion – so how do you stand out? Does your opinion really matter? I find myself asking these questions on a day to day basis. Before I started actually blogging and getting really involved in the blogosphere I only read a handful of blogs. Once you delve in you begin to realise that there is probably a new blogger being born every 3mins. Looking at google stat’s it showed that my lifestyle posts are a far more popular than beauty – maybe because they’re probably the most original pieces and it’s directly linked to me. Plus people (inc. myself) are nosey. It also turns out that I really enjoy writing lifestyle posts and if you had told me 6months ago I would be blogging about my life as a teacher/trips to countries. I  would’ve said ‘ha’ very loudly and sarcastically. I am a changed lady. Not only do I prefer writing LS posts, I also enjoy reading them far more now then I did before!


  • Socialising is key! Whether that’s through twitter chats or Instagram messages. I do feel twitter is far more powerful then Instagram as you get to have direct conversation with other bloggers. I usually take part in 8pm-9pm #bblogger chats on Sunday and Wednesday – there are a lot of chats that happen through-out the week but that’s the one I make use of most…see you there?


  • If you are talking about a brand in particular, include them in a tweet – they aren’t going to come looking for you – just @ them so that they know you’ve talked about them. They may even retweet it and increase your view stats.


  • Scheduling – both posts and tweets are so important. I tend to schedule two or three posts beauty posts and have a couple impromptu lifestyle/outfit of the day posts. For tweets I use an app called Hootsuite which is linked to my personal facebook and twitter. When scheduling tweets I tend to think of when people might be free, so 12-2pm for lunch hour, 5pm-7pm when people are travelling home and then 10pm-12pm when people are getting into bed and just checking their last messages. Of course this is just an outline as people all over the world use twitter and have various time zones – I’m only trying to put some logic behind my thinking.


  • Word of mouth people! At first I was so sceptical to tell anyone about my blog – mainly because I was so embarrassed about what people might think, some may say it’s pointless. Others won’t get it. The aunty down the road will say ‘that girl is on the internet’ *in an Indian accent* (no offence) so I kept shtum for a while. One day I happened to mentioned it to someone – who told someone, who then told someone else. And turns out I gained quite a few followers. and yes the Indian aunty did tell my mum that I am on the internet. However my mum knew and all is well. Be proud of what you are doing, preach, let it be heard. Let’s face it, before inter-webbing social media, that’s all there was – good ol’ word of mouth.
    The best social media tool there is.


  • Comment on other blogs & reply to your comments. I fail to do the latter – I must read 50 blogs a day! But don’t leave a comment on any. Bad habit. You need to let people know you appreciate their work – they will love it, other bloggers will notice you – its win, win. And always leave a link below so everyone knows where to come find you. Vice versa, if someone has commented on your blog – they have taken the time out and the etiquette thing would be to reply. Even if it is a mere thank-you. Acknowledgement is always appreciated.


  • Do it because you enjoy it – if you don’t enjoy it then there really isn’t any point. I blog to get out of my daily life and it’s a hobby which I love and feels fulfilling. Even if it is just writing 300 words every day. It means something to me.

I haven’t been blogging long at all – I am sure I will find more things along the way and I may rewrite a new post of my discoveries. What have you found in your time of blogging?


Clinique vs Body Shop

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It’s been a while since I wrote about skincare related stuff – mainly because my skincare routine never changes that much. Once I realise something works for me I stick to it – this mainly applies to my moisturiser and cleanser. However recently I’ve been a balm lover, thanks to Caroline Hirons and her double cleanse theory. Which btw is a life skin saviour tip. I started my balm affair with the Emma Hardie Moringa cleansing balm and it was phenomenal, the smell, the texture and the way it left my skin feeling. However, this led to the product being sold out pretty much everywhere and became extremely difficult to get your mitts on. An alternative was the Clinique take the day off balm. Scentless, thick consistency.
On first application, if I’m 100% honest I didn’t love it. Kind of reminded me of Vaselinemaybe I was just too used to EH Balm? But I was determined to use it for a few weeks before I made up my mind. After some time I began to enjoy using it – the balms a pretty heavy duty one and removes everything off. I found it especially kind for those ‘sensitive days’ – it left no residue behind!


How I use it;
You all know the drill…A small amount rubbed directly onto the skin – the product begins to form a liquid like consistency and you can see all the makeup coming off – I wipe a warm muslin cloth over the skin and repeat the process.  This ensures everything is removed!

Recently I saw many bloggers talk about Body Shop Camomile cleansing oil – I hate falling for hype. When walking through Westfield I popped into Body Shop – I saw that this was the last one, it was a sheer panic moment and I grabbed it. I initially thought it was too light to remove anything significantly heavy duty off. But oh no, I was wrong – this removes everything and it is SO lightweight. The scent did slightly put me off at first but as you can see from the photo above that I’ve gone through this bottle super quick. Probably my most favourite skincare product in a long time.

Out of two which I would I recommend? See that’s tough, you can’t really ask a mother to choose between her children.*slight exaggeration* It all really depends what your preferences are. If you have sensitive skin, especially acne prone (this product was SO good  during my pimple prone days) then the Clinique take the day off balm. If you’re more into a light-weight product then definitely the Camomile oil, the smell is awesome and the fact that it’s so unbelievably light but heavy duty too really ticks all the right boxes for me! Both products really cleanse the skin thoroughly and will be in my skincare stash for a while.

Body shop Camomile can be brought here

Clinique Take the day off balm can be brought here

What cleansers or balms are you loving?


Video | Beauty Must Haves

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Sometimes the best things in life are the furthest away from you. This sounds way too philosophical for this post. I tend to hunt for products a lot. It’s a game with me and myself, how long will be till I find a product that isn’t sold in the U.K Yes, I know – I live an extremely rock’n’roll lifestyle.

I thought I would make a short video on things that I love and are totally worth the hunt! Some products are more easily available then others, but the common factor is that they are all bloody fantastic!

Hope you enjoy – and if you have any hidden beauty gems, then please share…