Get the look | Kylie Jenner

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I’ve said this before, I am in no way a professional MUA, a skin care advisor yes, but make-up was something I just dabbled into, more so in the last few months. I’ve decided to do a tutorial on how to achieve the makeup Kylie Jenner seems to be sporting these days. The massively over-drawn lips are so 90′s in my opinion but she rocks it incredibly well. Whether or not hers are natural or enhanced is debatable. None the less, I love her look and I present my mere attempt – let me know what you think?

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Teachers Attire | Prom Edition

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As I write this post, my feet are absolutely aching! I hardly ever wear heels. In my head I walk like a VS model. In reality I stumble like some drunkard. *no offence* tonight was a special night. Saying the final goodbye to the year 11s. We seem to have done farewells several times. Just before study leave, after their exam, leavers day and then today. Prom. I never went to my own prom, I was never interested in getting glammed up and was too busy with my nose in some novel. I was totes into murder/mystery books. Anywho, 10years later I am now in a position where I get to go to a prom every year. This year was probably my most emotional one. I’ve been with this group for 2years and naturally you begin to develop an attachment where you feel so responsible for them. Its slightly overwhelming letting them go and then seeing them go into the big bad world where you can no longer guide them. They have to make their own mistakes and learn. Create their own paths.



Pink Blazer / Printed Jeans

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The next week is going to be insanely busy. I never really realised how hard it is to juggle a blog and a full-time job. Saying that, I am doing two jobs currently. As much as I miss school when it finishes, I begin to miss it after a while. I thought I would have slightly more time now that GCSE students have left but it’s quite the opposite. Anywho seeing as the last couple of weeks might be a bit full one, I may stick to OOTD outfits.



Spring-Summer Beauty Haul

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After this mammoth of a beauty haul I made a solemn vow to not shop again for this month. I was so good until yesterday, not only was it a beautiful day in London but it was also a SALES day. All my favourite shops, Zara, Topshop were on sale. However, £5 off does not qualify as a sale. Sort it out Zara. A little Sophie Hulme number was also purchased, so watch this space for another haul. #sorrynotsorry



Kimono craze…

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Kimonos seem to be THE fashion item to have for the summer. Due to my no spend in June ban – which I am doing quite well in at the moment. I haven’t spent anything yet!

So I’ve searched over the internet – I don’t trust  myself to go into shops and actually walk away without buying. I have four of my top kimono picks.



Nails|Bare and Bold

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Ok so from this post you will get to know several things about me,

  1. I can never make my mind up about what colour nails to have.
  2. I am not very good at painting my nails
  3. I am loving the Lana del-ray style nails
  4. The following are my staple colours.



Dior Addict | Fluid Sticks

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I’ve seen thee Dior Addict Fluid sticks floating around the blogosphere, some love it some don’t but all have said that it’s a unique unexplainable formula. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while then you’ll know that I am all about the innovative formulas. I brought Rieuse (373) to start off with, a light pinky coral shade. (more…)


Video| Favourite Foundations

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I did a mini round up of all my favourite foundations. I’ve had to experiment for a long time till I found the ones that I absolutely love.

They are pretty much high end but I’ve never go along with drug store foundations.

Enjoy and let me know what you think.




L’Oreal Colour Riche (eyes)

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Who has tried the L’Oreal infallibles? I’m not sure if it’s just me but every time I go into Boots or Superdrugs I never find them? Apparently there is a minimum selection of colours available in the U.K okay great, but where are they? I managed to pick up two when I went to Sardinia a couple months back. Which FYI I think everyone must visit at least once in their life-time. I seem to be digressing, haven’t actually spoken about my product yet…



CW Moisture Seal

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I’ve already expressed my love for this product in my May Favourites, in case you haven’t seen you can find it here. But seeing as I am out to buy another bottle of this shampoo I feel like it deserves a place on the lil’ blog.