Spring Look

Spring/Summer tutorial

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A little stab at doing a make-up tutorial. I’ve kept it super simple and tried to use minimal products. I love to film in my living room but my sister is currently revising downstairs – she’s literally camping out in there! So I’ve had to make do with my room! I also was a bit nervous doing a make-up tutorial, more nervous about my family hearing me and thinking I’m crazy! Do let me know what you think, don’t forget to like and subscribe too.




OOTD / Spring Weekend

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OOTD is becoming a reoccurring thing on le blog and I kinda like it. Today I come to you with a casual spring summer outfit.  String camis are my best friends in the summer, they’re super lightweight and can be paired with so many  different things. Last year I was very much into the plain ones which you could pretty much find them anywhere from Topshop to Primark. However due to the sheerness meant that I had to wear a vest top underneath and the whole layering thing defeats the purpose of staying cool in summer.



First Aiders…

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fa1When I discovered how awesome tea tree oil was, it got me thinking what are the ‘first aiders’ products in a beauty stash. Probably not the glamorous items, but the ultimate staple pieces, ones that we could not live without.

I made a little beauty bag with all the first aiders, first up are the Tweezerman Tweezers, I absolutely love these. My perfect ones are the slanted ones, I find that they are super sharp and get to the smallest hairs. I normally thread my eyebrows, but to tidy up the stray hairs I use these Tweezers.



Grid Print / H & M

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I always feel conscious of OOTD posts, but when it comes to actually wearing what I want I’m pretty much out there. I love the idea of two piece suit, but I just haven’t found my true pairing yet. I saw these GRID trousers in H & M and fell in love, they’re a cigarette shape which I featured in my YouTube channel.



Nuxe – Dry Skin Saviour

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A fair while ago (way before I started blogging!) I went away to Tunisia, it was super hot but the water clearly didn’t agree with my skin. I became all dry and patchy – it was red, itchy and painful. Now because I went in summer months (June) I didn’t take any creams for ‘dry’ skin! I popped into the Pharmacy and saw the Nuxe stand and was drawn to it, I already have an on-going affair Reve de Miel lip Balm so I was extremely intrigued to try other products. (more…)


Body Shop Tea Tree Oil

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When I was in my early teens and going through acne fuelled days. I used to browse Boots shelves to find something to fix the mess. Witch hazel with Tea tree was a ‘thing’ back then and even though I never used it, I was always super curious as to what it did.

Anywho fast forward a decade and I get my nose pierced (for the 2nd time – long story) and I begin to get this horrible lump after 8weeks of piercing it. I tried umpteen amounts of sea salt soaks and na da, zilch. It just didn’t budge. I tried making an aspirin paste – didn’t work either. The little bugger just would not budge. As per usual the hunt for a remedy began on GOOGLE. I still ask, what the hell did we do before Google?



Its a Bobbi Brown ‘thing’

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Bobbi Brown is clearly becoming a thing, first it was the brush, then foundation, and now we add another two in the bucket. I think I’ve always dabbled in and out of Bobbi Brown but these days I’m building a firm relationship between the brand.

So far in my teen/adult years I’ve tried; (in descending order -so the oldest first…)



MAC / Shanghai Spice

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An ode to nudes

When one is at an airport it’s obligatory to visit MAC no? And who am I to change a tradition. On my visit to Italy (more on that here) I popped into MAC purely to “browse”. I did not need anything, especially not another lipstick. It’s completely unnatural for a girl who is not a MUA to have over 250. Yet I manage to walk away with 3!


beauty scenario

Beauty Scenario Tag

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Another video, *gasp* whilst off work I have a little bit more free time then usual  and decided to do a quick tag – it was more fun then what I thought!


If you feel like it, then I tag you, either on your blog or Youtube, but do tweet me and let me know so I can watch it.


Enjoy lovelies..xxx




Italy / Alghero / Sardinia

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I very rarely do a ‘lifestyle’ post. I don’t really think a lot of what I do is super exciting, but a recent venture made me want to share.

It’s been just about 4 days since I’ve come back from my holiday in Italy – mind you, it feels a lot longer. We booked a get-away to Sardinia and to be honest I hadn’t done that much research on it. I looked at a couple of beaches and it looks incredible. So flight booked, accommodation booked. And off we went…